Today's Forum for Feb. 14

"The only question I have is will Mueller charge Trump as an adult?"

"Monday front page 'No cars allowed' could cost $1.8 billion with a 'b,' and Viewpoints' 'Federal tax reform gives Georgia a golden opportunity.' Increased gas tax according to Deal, and decreased income tax according to Kyle. Will one offset the other? Doubt it!"

"To whom do we complain about the trains that are frequently blocking the Waring Road and Rauschenberg Road intersection/crossing? The trains have plenty of space to sit without blocking the crossing, yet they sit there for hours at a time."

"Religion was invented when the first conman met the first fool."

"For the person or persons concerned about people's houses not meeting your expectations. Maybe stop and check on them. You never know, they may well at one time have been kept nice and have had some medical or other issues that have kept them from doing so. Some of them may have at one time been the person always helping others in time of need. Now they could use some help themselves and all those old friends that loved them when they were handing out to them and everyone else have disappeared and forgotten about that friendly and helping soul. If you have not checked on them you have no room to complain about them."

"To the person who freaked out at seeing dogs in a store. I walk my two greyhounds through several stores every weekend. You would be surprised how many people stop me to meet and talk about my dogs while their children's faces light up with glee at the chance to pet them. I rescued my greyhounds from the racetrack when their waning careers could have meant death. Now they are devoted companions enjoying their retirement with a family. My trips to the store help introduce greyhounds to the public and inspire others to rescue. And you should know that this breed has been rated as the most docile and non-aggressive of all dogs. So if you see us walking through a store, please take a moment to stop me to meet them. They could help you overcome your unfortunate fear of dogs."

"Way to go, Diane! The commissioners finally got something right. Now could the commissioners figure out a way to clean up this town? The trash is getting deep."

"So you want the $45 per hour that the lawn guy makes. Do you also want the lawnmower payments for the two commercial mowers he has bought? How about the commercial weed eaters, blowers and edgers? How about the truck that he has to transport the mowers? How about the liability insurance? How about the truck insurance? How about the gas and mix? How about his shop and maintenance building? If he did work 40 hours per week at $45 per hour he might clear $10 per hour for his labor. That is why there are many lawn maintenance startups that just don’t make it."

"To the person who thinks the air we breathe isn’t already being taxed, you must be the walking dead and not breathing anymore."

"Kudos to the out of the box thinker who submitted the Forum comment about constructing a new county administration building in the Carbondale business park, which to date has cost over $10 million. I would remind taxpayers that commissioners are spending an additional $1.6 million to expand sewer for a tenant they don't have so, hey, they'll be all set."

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