Today's Forum for Jan. 14-15

"Now that church news is in Friday’s paper instead of Saturday’s, what is the new submission deadline?"

Editor's note: Thursday at noon.

"Trump knows exactly why we allow people from Third World countries over here in such vast numbers — cheap labor. He just didn't have the guts to admit it."

"What is wrong with our nation? They have gone bonkers over our president saying one word that sounded racist, which he is not. Meanwhile, all of these rappers are doing the most vile, gross songs and everybody is just laughing at it and accepting it. Hollywood elites are talking like dogs about our president and people are laughing and thinking it's so funny. Something is so warped in our society that one person is almost being crucified because of his words but the majority of all these evil liberals can just say anything and they turn the other cheek."

Editor's note: Do you believe that President Trump's language was appropriate?

"How great is Dalton if 62 percent of the people making $40,000 or more don't live here? What say you, Trump?"

"We need to escort Donald Trump out of the White House, take him to Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower, wherever he wants to go. We deserve so much better."

"People get mad at Trump because he says what everybody else is thinking, but don't have the guts to say. The world has become so politically correct it's disgusting."

"Trump is making good on his promise to make America great again. It's only taken him less than a year to live up to his words."

"It's really simple. If you can't drive the speed limit, get in the right-hand lane and stay."

"Hey Nancy Pelosi, if my work gave me a $1,000 bonus I'd be thrilled beyond belief. How dare you talk like this that Americans aren't appreciative of that. Get out of your jet set world and come down to reality."

"Is it unreal that some people are mad because some people are getting bonuses? It's crazy what is going on with this world."

'"Us Georgia fans can keep on crying as long as we want. Too bad Georgia Tech, Florida and Tennessee fans don't have anything to cry about."

"People have to have incentives to live in a certain location, and having taxes higher than all five surrounding counties isn't doing that. But lowering the taxes to a comparable rate would be a good place to start."

"I'd like to take this time to say to the taxpayers of Whitfield County I worked really hard to get three out of five county commissioners elected, and I'm so sorry."

"I agree with the caller about the program 'The View.' When that comes on, I refuse to watch it. I turn my channel immediately."

"Paul Ryan is the greatest threat to the elderly population the United States has. He's whittling the country's Social Security in half just to make him look good."

"Walter Williams' column on Friday was right on the money. When I was in college, people were there to get a degree and do a little partying on the side. If some overzealous professor had lectured to me I wouldn't have stayed nor would my parents have paid for it."

"Maybe we should change city law to allow the Dalton mayor and Dalton City Council to live outside of the city. Think of all the money they would save on taxes."

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