Friendship House families read 8,120 books in 42 days

Congratulations to the winners in the Friendship House reading initiative. From left are from Ms. Stacie's class, Lily: 635; from Ms. Christy's class, Eevee and Orion: 1,500; from Ms. Brittany's class, Havan: 200; from the nursery, Javier: 91; from the toddler room, Lilah: 126; and from Ms. Jenny's Pre-K, Lilli: 409.


Congratulations went to Ms. Christy's class for winning the party for most read books in the fall reading contest at the Friendship House, 2,522.

The total books read for the whole center was 8,120.

Literacy, the ability to read, write, spell, listen and speak, is a desired outcome for children and the Friendship House is working in-house and with parents to ensure children are working on necessary pre-literacy skills.

The parent involvement program at Friendship House has a strong early literacy component that guides parents and staff in providing early literacy experiences at home. Evidence shows that only 60% of parents read to their children so Friendship House creates programs/competitions like the fall reading contest to encourage parents' participation in reading at home.

Listening to a story, reading a book together, having a conversation with adults are some of the best ways children develop language; talking with children can facilitate all the six areas for early literacy development: vocabulary, narrative skills, print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge and print motivation.

"Talking with and listening to children is not difficult," said Tracy Defore, Friendship House program manager, "and Friendship House encourages frequent, meaningful conversations with preschool children, essential for their social and emotional development."

As part of the literacy event, Friendship House hosted a Scholastic Book Fair to coincide with the contest, selling 1,311 books to parents and volunteers. The book fair was very successful, and the center was able to acquire 53 books ($600 value) for use in the classrooms.

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