Quinton Memorial Health and Rehabilitation hosted a parade for residents and family members on May 1. Visitation has been restricted since early March to protect residents from COVID-19.

Members of the care plan team had been working on creative strategies to allow family members and residents to see each other, and the social distancing parade idea was developed.

“When I got the call from Quinton, I was overjoyed,” said Eileen Stone, daughter of Veronica O'Mahoney, a Quinton resident. “I haven’t been able to see my mom since early March. I just think it was the best idea ever.”

Since the visitation restrictions began, Stone said she and her mom have been writing letters back and forth every week.

According to Stone, her mom was obviously excited about the parade.

“She (O'Mahoney) had the biggest smile on her face and was holding out her hands to us,” Stone said. “It was heartwarming to see all the smiling faces. It was the best!”

Stone said she is very thankful for the Quinton staff members.

“They’re the most caring group of caregivers. I appreciate them more than they know,” she said.

Staff members helped residents make posters to hold up as their family members drove by at a safe distance. Residents lined up outside the facility while following social distancing rules.

More than 50 vehicles, including a Dalton Fire Department fire truck and Hamilton Emergency Medical Services ambulance, were part of the parade. Most vehicles included multiple family members, and some included pets.

“I loved the parade,” said Marie Dann, a Quinton resident since 2011. “It was good to see my two sons even if I couldn’t touch them. I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone was having a good time and the staff were wonderful. Let’s do it again!”

All of the Hamilton Long Term Care facilities are planning family parades. Quinton Memorial was the first one scheduled.

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