ATLANTA (AP) — Baseball legend Hank Aaron is selling all but one automobile dealership in his Hank Aaron Automotive Group.

Aaron, who has been an entrepreneur since retiring from baseball, is making the move to scale back, said Allan Tanenbaum, Aaron’s longtime business adviser.

“He is trying to simplify some of his business life,” Tanenbaum said. “While he never views himself as retiring, he wants to enjoy the good graces that God has given him.”

Another company, the Nalley Automotive Group, has agreed to buy four of the dealerships. Another buyer recently became owner of Jaguar and Land Rover outlets in Augusta.

Aaron’s lone holdover will be a Toyota dealership in McDonough.

“Having multiple dealerships is more than a full-time job,” Tanenbaum said.

But Aaron intends to keep, and possibly expand, his network of 17 fast-food franchises, collectively known as 755 Restaurant Corp., Tanenbaum said. Aaron also is deep in a memorabilia and public appearance company related to his baseball career, and with his youth foundation, Chasing the Dream.

He entered the world of automobile sales seven years ago as majority owner of the group. Minority partners are Atlanta lawyer Ed Garland and developer Everett Royal of Madison.

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