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Mom 'sickened' by 'racist' toy from son's Kinder Egg candy

Parents have expressed outrage over the "racist" design of a limited edition Kinder Egg toy, with one mother saying that she was "sickened." The popular chocolate treat contained a plastic cartoon egg holding three balloons with a "K" stamped on each one. Kimberley, from Victoria, Australia, said that she immediately felt sick at the thought that her 15-month-old son could have played with the toy. She told parenting website Kidspot: "This is a massive oversight that anyone could have seen." — Fox News

World War I German submarine unearthed in northern France

More than a century after it sunk into the sands of a Northern France beach, a German submarine from World War I has been unearthed. The UC-16 ran aground on the shores of Wissant, France in July 1917 due to heavy fog, and was flooded by the crew so it couldn't be used by Allied forces. Over time, wind and sand thoroughly buried the abandoned vessel beneath the ocean water. Now, two large portions of the rusted structure have become visible to residents and tourists just 330 feet from the shore, and has become somewhat of a local attraction. Little is known about the century-old German submarine, except for some elements of its battle history, and what became of its crew members. The UC-16 was responsible for sinking 11 ships during WWI, primarily from France and the United Kingdom. — Fox News

Mecca’s Grand Mosque plagued by swarm of locusts

A massive swarm of locusts plagued Mecca, Saudi Arabia, earlier this week, prompting authorities at Islam’s holiest site to launch a cleaning operation to remove them. Videos posted to social media showed the insects swarming around cleaners and worshipers in the city’s Grand Mosque, where millions of Muslim pilgrims congregate every year. According to CNN, officials identified the locusts as migratory “black grasshoppers” and said that 22 teams consisting of 138 people were dispatched to deal with the infestation. — The Times of Israel

Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why

Planet Earth is alive. Deep beneath its skin, its life blood — rivers of molten iron — pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that causes auroras — and keeps us alive. But, according to the science journal Nature, something strange is going on deep down below. It’s causing the magnetic North Pole to ‘skitter’ away from Canada, towards Siberia.— News.com

Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already making enemies in the House Democratic Caucus — and some of its members are mounting an operation to bring the anti-establishment, democratic socialist with 2.2 million Twitter followers into the fold. The effort, described by nearly 20 lawmakers and aides, is part carrot, part stick: Some lawmakers with ties to Ocasio-Cortez are hoping to coax her into using her star power to unite Democrats and turn her fire on Republicans. Others simultaneously warn Ocasio-Cortez is destined for a lonely, ineffectual career in Congress if she continues to treat her own party as the enemy.— Politico

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