Authorities are continuing to investigate the death of a 3-year-old boy who drowned while taking a bath Tuesday evening at Battlewood Apartments in Fort Oglethorpe.
His mother was giving the child, Lucas Dover, a bath at the time of the incident, Fort Oglethorpe police chief David Eubanks said Thursday morning.
The mother told police she heard her infant child fussing in another room and tended to him, leaving her 3-year-old in the tub, he said.
“She was giving the little boy a bath and left to check on the baby,” Eubanks said. “She said that after about 10 minutes, she called for the child with no response and then found the child floating face-down in the tub.”
Eubanks said there seems to be a discrepancy in the amount of time the child was left unattended.
“We’re waiting on the tape of the call to be brought in, but the report says that the mother described the time away from the child as 10 minutes,” Eubanks said. “The father is saying that his wife was misunderstood and that the boy was alone for only two minutes.”
“There’s a big difference between 10 minutes and two,” Eubanks said.
Some reports have indicated the child may have been drowsy due to prescription medication. Eubanks could not confirm or deny the reports.
“There were prescription medications for the child in the home, but there is nothing in the report stating that that would have anything to do with this case at this time.”
Eubanks said an autopsy was performed on the child Wednesday, and Detective James Leamon reported Wednesday evening that the autopsy confirmed the boy died from drowning.
“According to Detective Leamon, the child died as a result of drowning and there were no other injuries.”
Eubanks said there are no charges against the mother of the child at this time.
“I had a meeting with Detective Leamon this morning and as of right now there are no charges of any kind pending,” Eubanks said. “The next step will be Detective Leamon contacting the district attorney’s office and from there, they will decide what, if anything, will be done right now, or whether the case will be wrapped up.”

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