Birth announcements for Aug. 22

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Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Leonardo Thomas, son of Federica Fini and Joshua Johnson of Dalton, July 22.

• Lucy Lizabeth, daughter of Juana Velaquez and Alfredo Raymundo of Dalton, July 22.

• Erity Rose, daughter of Hannah Chesser and Jonathon Dills of Chatsworth, July 22.

• Easton Michael, son of Madison Stapp of Dalton, July 22.

• Reese Olivia, daughter of Kali and Randall Lents of Dalton, July 23.

• Fernanda, daughter of Iris Hernandez and Ivan Galicia of Chatsworth, July 23.

• Lennox Morgan, daughter of Jessica and Eric Lisenbee of Dalton, July 23.

• James Carson, son of Lindsey and Jonathan Kidd of Ringgold, July 23.

• Ximena, daughter of Brenda Guadalupe Torres and Brigido Herrada Jr. of Dalton, July 23.

• Junior, son of Janette Lopez and Joshua Molina of Dalton, July 25.

• Maesly Fae, daughter of McKatlyn Leonard of Dalton, July 26.

• Adaline Grey, daughter of Abigail Lopez and Frank Kinsey Jr. of Dalton, July 26.

• Rowan Heath, son of Morgan and Heath Lock of Cohutta, July 26.

• Graham Thomas, son of Sarah and Andrew Cox of Dalton, July 26.

• Kinsley Jane, daughter of Domenique Cothran of Chatsworth, July 27.

Ezra Keith, son of Brianna West and Brandon Lance of Chatsworth, July 27.

Harlem Zaylei, daughter of Zaniah Beavers and Everett Haught of Dalton, July 28.

Thomas Jay, son of Margaret and Jason Baggett of Dalton, July 28.

Arlynn Grace, daughter of LeeAnn Henderson of Chatsworth, July 28.

Luna Estella, daughter of Chloe and Jeffery Henry of Chatsworth, July 28.

Tatum, daughter of Tori Green and Ben Wood of Dalton, July 29.

Marley Grace, daughter of Savannah and Andrew Grigsby of Ringgold, July 29.

Julianne Kate, daughter of Kelsey and Chad Ikerd of Tunnel Hill, July 29.

Noah Bruce, son of Marisol Pina and Bruce Bender of Chatsworth, July 29.

Holden Gray, son of Hannah and Malac Taylor of Dalton, July 30.

Zaydee Michelle, daughter of Tiffany and Zachary Baggett of Chatsworth, July 30.

Zoey Grace, daughter of Tiffany and Zachary Baggett of Chatsworth, July 30.

Luz Natalie, daughter of Ariana Montalvo and Juan Chavez Rivera of Dalton, July 31.

Alyson Analie, daughter of Jennifer Vega of Dalton, July 31.

Bella Nicole, daughter of Araceli Garcia and Juan Carrillo of Dalton, Aug. 1.

Henry Byrd, son of Annalee and Mitchell Snyder of Dalton, Aug. 2.

Landon Timethy, son of Breeanna Edwards and Leonard Bryson of Dalton, Aug. 2.

Karyme Sophia, daughter of Irasema Alvarado and Elpidio Encinia Jr. of Dalton, Aug. 2.

Avery Elizabeth, daughter of Abby and Chance Fowler of Calhoun, Aug. 2.

Ava Jean, daughter of Melanie and Chayrann Galvez of Cohutta, Aug. 2.

Emilia Victoria, daughter of Nayelena and Juan Gauna of Dalton, Aug. 2.

Ander Leon, son of Andreina Salas and Emery Brown of Dalton, Aug. 3.

Asher Lane, son of Cynthia and Johnathan Smith of Dalton, Aug. 3.

Noelle Titus, daughter of Chasity Bonas Alvarado of Calhoun, Aug. 3.

Alianna, daughter of Elizabeth Aguilar and Erick Casa Gonzalez of Dalton, Aug. 3.

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