Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Averie Mason, son of Haley Rhinehart and Mason Helton of Dalton, July 26.

• Lauren Aileen, daughter of Lucero Ayala and Jose Ramirez of Dalton, July 29.

• Isaias Francisco, son of Sindy Quintero and Luis Marchan of Dalton, July 29.

• Olivia Harmonee, daughter of Angelique Alenis and Gilberto Alenis of Dalton, July 30.

• Romeo Giovanni, son of Margarita Esqueda and David Garcia of Dalton, July 30.

• Rylan Lee, son of Allison Quarles and Jeff Wright of Dalton, July 30.

• Kaleb Miguel, son of Glendi Reynesco-Kadinger and Kohl Kadinger of Dalton, July 30.

• David Tripp, son of Natalee Granger and Aaron Granger of Chatsworth, July 31.

• Millie Jo, daughter of Erin Hyder and Jacob Hyder of Calhoun, July 31.

• Hendrix Haze Leo, son of Danielle Lewis and Bryan Lewis of Dalton, July 31.

• Mariana, daughter of Aillee Rangel and Esteban Villegas of Dalton, Aug. 1.

• Kinley Quinn, daughter of Laura Sias and Adam Sias of Dalton, Aug. 1.

• Lucas Tyler Cole, son of Sabrina Bandy and Corey Parrish of Dalton, Aug. 2.

• Sagan, daughter of Monica Faith and Justin Faith of Dalton, Aug. 2.

• Lincoln James, son of Holly Hooper and Blaine Hooper of Dalton, Aug. 2.

• Melody LeeAnne Bell, daughter of Bethanne Nix and Stephen Nix of Chatsworth, Aug. 2.

• Timber Ridge, son of Kisha Williams and Tyler Williams of Chatsworth, Aug. 4.

• Zaylah Brielle, daughter of Bailey Pitner and Robert Thompson of Dalton, Aug. 5.

• Daniel Onew, son of Mi El Jang and Daniel Jeon of Dalton, Aug. 6.

• Kenley Rae, daughter of Lacey Richard and Nick Richard of Ellijay, Aug. 6.

• Xander Jonathan, son of Jessica Raleigh and Jonathan Contreras of Chatsworth, Aug. 7.

• Rudraa Mehul, daughter of Bhavishaben M. Sheth and Mehul A. Sheth of Chatsworth, Aug. 7.

• Nolan Scott, son of Ashlee Williams and Dale Voyles of Rocky Face, Aug. 7.

• Liam Eugene, son of Alexis Brock and Dillon Ketchem of Dalton, Aug. 8.

• Magdalena Abigail, daughter of Miriam Azurena Loarca Lopez and Andres Ricardo Perez Reynoso of Chatsworth, Aug. 8.

• Alexandra, daughter of Flor Mendoza and Aralberto Montelongo of Dalton, Aug. 8.

• Augustus Grey, son of Holly Quarles and Rodney Q. Quarles of Chatsworth, Aug. 8.

• Everly Lee'Ani, daughter of Dariana Fraire and Jace Dean Estrada of Dalton, Aug. 9.

• Sayla Joy, daughter of Julia Gordon and Mike Gordon of Chatsworth, Aug. 9.

• Ella Grace, daughter of Brittany Leean Martin of Chatsworth, Aug. 9.

• Makinley Blaire, daughter of Savannah Grisby and Andrew Grisby of Chatsworth, Aug. 10.

• Abraham, son of Veronica Isabel Mendoza and Ricardo Daniel Miramontes of Chatsworth, Aug. 12.

• Cayden Dakota, son of Courtney Watson and Franklin Watson of Dalton, Aug. 12.

• Liliana, daughter of Jaqueline De La Cruz and Emanol Ponce of Dalton, Aug. 13.

• Tannyn Sloane, daughter of Asberri Mae Freeman and Christopher Cole Ingram of LaFayette, Aug. 13.

• Evelyn Louise, daughter of Kelly Wooten and Kristopher Wooten of Crandall, Aug. 13.

• Landon Ray, son of Monica Gaddis of Chatsworth, Aug. 14.

• Jordan JeJuan, daughter of Brianna Waters and Jeremiah McMillon of Dalton, Aug. 14.

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