Hamilton Medical Center announced the following births:

• Jayden Adriel, son of Marai Hernandez Paniagua and Abraham Gonzalez of Chatsworth, July 22.

David Alejandro, son of Rebeca Garcia and Luis Avevalo of Rocky Face, July 22.

Teresa Elaine, daughter of Bethany Craft and Joshua Serrano of Tunnel Hill, July 22.

Emma Rose, daughter of Madison Hughes of Chatsworth, July 23.

Jo'siia Shane, son of Jessica Long of Dalton, July 23.

Kayonna Leanne, daughter of Timikiala Butler of Dalton, July 23.

Richard, son of Rebeca Martinez and Richard Sipaque of Dalton, July 23.

William Ben, son of Ann Jones and William Blake Brindle of Calhoun, July 23.

Allison Mae, daughter of Donna Michelle Nelson and Hilano Andres Martinez of Calhoun, July 23.

Zaygen Duane, son of Megan and Sean White of Dalton, July 23.

Oakleigh Rose, daughter of Lindsay Webb and Stephen Roberts of Chatsworth, July 24.

Ryker Forrest Lane, son of Savannah LeeAnn and Cory Lane Patterson of Dalton, July 24.

Mateo Alexander, son of Melisa Bosillo Brito and Jesus Leon Pimentel of Dalton, July 25.

Pierce Alan, son of Charley and Justin Cooper of Calhoun, July 25.

Julianna Kate, daughter of Ashley and Brandon Floyd of Cohutta, July 25.

Journee Faith, daughter of Cheyanne Blackburn and Matthew White of Resaca, July 26.

Wendy Rubi, daughter of Francisca López Reynoso and Miguel Fernando Pablo of Dalton, July 26.

Maximiliano, son of Claudia Cano and Dagoberto Alosta of Dalton, July 26.

Jazlynn Mia, daughter of Alma Vega and Oscar Suarez of Dalton, July 26.

Eli Jerrid, son of Kaylee Johnson and Christepher Byers of Dalton, July 27.

Rubi Amara, daughter of Tationa Magaria and Joel Mateo of Chatsworth, July 29.

Coriyah Naomi, daughter of Corsha Driver and Benjamen Burge of Dalton, July 29.

Adrian, son of Mireya and Martin Hernandez of Dalton, July 29.

• Peter William, son of Katie and Will Scott of Dalton, July 29.

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