Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Hazel Reign, daughter of Amalie Hernandez and Michael Parsons of Dalton, May 17.

• Grady Wilkes, son of Courtney Alison Dunagan and Jacob Von Dunagan of Lenoir City, Tennessee, May 20.

• Immanuel Kepler, son of Whitney Fincher and Gregory Fincher of Dalton, May 20.

• Clayton Matthew, son of Kayla Stanford and Josh Stanford of Blue Ridge, May 20.

• Parker Andrew, son of Miranda Stennett and Isaiah Stennett of Dalton, May 20.

• Montgomery James, son of Ashley Caister and Matt Caister of Rossville, May 21.

• Ali May LeAnn, daughter of Natasha Ray of Dalton, May 21.

• Zaylee Lynette, daughter of Zulay Munguia and Steven Piña of Dalton, May 21.

• Alan Daniel, son of Glendy Martina Argueta Tayun and Mario C. Vicente Matzir of Chatsworth, May 21.

• Ella Briar, daughter of Madison Johnston and Mason Cagle of Chatsworth, May 22.

• Ava May, daughter of Steffany Pelfrey and Michael Pelfrey of Resaca, May 22.

• Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Jennifer Tudor of Chatsworth, May 22.

• Charlotte Rose, daughter of Erica Ware and Tony Ware of Dalton, May 23.

• Jett Micah, son of Rachel Boyd and Kent Boyd of Dalton, May 24.

• Adriana Isabel, daughter of Luz A. Madrigal and David Uribe of Dalton, May 24.

• Kainen Ray, son of Adrianne Alexandria West and Tre Denzel Bonds of Dalton, May 24.

• Carley Reese, daughter of Ashley Defore and Corey Defore of Dalton, May 25.

• Julius Jose, son of Stephanie Montoya and Richard Jose Landaverde of Dalton, May 25.

• Daleyza, daughter of Selena Cano and Erin Landaverde of Dalton, May 26.

• Eleanor Grey, daughter of Melanie Bennett and Austin Hall of Chatsworth, May 27.

• Tessa Ryanne, daughter of Jenny Pritchett and Nathan Sanders of Dalton, May 27.

• Lochlen Brennix RJ, son of Sonya Corbin and Jared Smith of Chatsworth, May 28.

• Silas Lee, son of Terri Bonds and Andrew Bonds of Dalton, May 29.

• Josiah Anthona Asa, son of Yasmine Smith and Leland Asa Dwight II of Chatsworth, May 29.

• Carter Miles, son of Cynthia Smith and Johnathan Smith of Dalton, May 30.

• David Miguel, son of Taylor Fain and Rudy Gonzalez of Dalton, May 31.

• Kylie Rose, daughter of Kristin Gray and Keith Gray of Dalton, May 31.

• Dawson Kade, son of Nicole Smartt and Reygun Henry of Dalton, May 31.

• Anna Kay, daughter of Meredith Castleman and Caleb Castleman of Ringgold, June 1.

• Lily Analise, daughter of Erica Carrillo and Jose Carrillo of Dalton, June 3.

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