Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Luna Ruth, daughter of Hannah Smith and Andrew Harris of Dallas, June 14.

• Yanvier Jared, son of Yamilka M. Alvarado and Javier Santiago of Dalton, June 17.

• Colton McCoy, son of Brittany Dagnan and Alex Dagnan of Resaca, June 17.

• Christopher Chayse, son of Mikayla Knight and Devyn Patterson of Dalton, June 17.

• Mia Grace, daughter of Mallory and Trey Parris of Sugar Valley, June 18.

• Hugo Issai, son of Ninfa and Victor Romero of Dalton, June 19.

• Dalary Sofia, daughter of Maria Guadalupe Medina and Edelman Manfredo Vasquez of Dalton, June 19.

• Barrett Andrew, son of Mackenzie Marie and Lawrence Matthew Keith of Fort Oglethorpe, June 19.

• Benjamin Raul, son of Cynthia Hernandez and Luis Solis of Dalton, June 19.

• Alejandro Emilio, son of Paola Jazmin Ixtepan Vazquez and Jonathan Daniel Rivas Torres of Dalton, June 19.

• Aniyah Areli, daughter of Diana Clavel and Florencio Rodriguez Jr. of Dalton, June 19.

• Brookelynn LeeAnn, daughter of Kindra Lumpkin and Trevor Manis of Dalton, June 19.

• Sawyer Jerry-Bryan, son of Kelsey and Franky Ward of Dalton, June 20.

• Joy Abigail, daughter of Berenice Casas and Ramiro Sanchez of Dalton, June 21.

• Jayden Brian Curtis, son of Haley Alyene Buckner and James Ronald Pruett of Ellijay, June 24.

• Carlos Eduardo, son of Erica and Edgar Villo of Dalton, June 24.

• Maia Ackelynn, daughter of Stephanie Aline Moreno and Edgar Salgado of Calhoun, June 25.

• David Dae'von Henson, son of Mallerie Campbell and David Hughley of Dalton, June 26.

• Emerson Mae, daughter of Emily and Nelson Rhinehart of Calhoun, June 26.

• Emersynn Ann, daughter of Avery Bishop and Jonathon Brewster of Crandall, June 27.

• Ada Machelle, daughter of Dar Sanders and Christopher Lee of Dalton, June 27.

• Nala Parker, daughter of Dar Sanders and Christopher Lee of Dalton, June 27.

• Lainey Teagan, daughter of Candace Diane and Wade Wilson Owens of Chatsworth, June 27.

• Cooper James, son of Sarah Grace Watkins and Cameron James Underwood of Cohutta, June 28.

• Nikolai Haze, son of Patience and Zach Sliter of Chatsworth, July 1.

• Blaze Mercer, son of Jensen Jade and Kyle Hunter Dunn of Crandall, July 2.

• Sophia, daughter of Rosa Nely Guijon and Eric Garcia of Dalton, July 3.

• Michael Brendon, son of Shari and Dylan Grooms of Chatsworth, July 3.

• Henry Jule, son of Amber and Dakota Harris of Resaca, July 4.

• Greyson Kane, son of Audrey Smith and Elvis Seal of Dalton, July 5.

• Zoe, daughter of Mariza Cervantes Ramirez and Corazon Ramiro Madero Castillo of Dalton, July 5.

• Briella Nicole, daughter of Katie and Jacob Bowen of Rocky Face, July 5.

• Dallas Dakota Wade, son of Maria and Dakota Townson of Chatsworth, July 5.

• Matthew Kaleb, son of Heaven and Joshua Lizama of Plainville, July 6.

• Savanna LaShenoa, daughter of Sheena and Davis McGill of Chatsworth, July 7.

• Bryseida Anali, daughter of Lizbet and Michael Davalos of Dalton, July 7.

• Rosalia, daughter of Silvia and Manuel Moreno of Dalton, July 7.

• Collins Mae, daughter of Emily and Thomas Richard Camp of Tunnel Hill, July 8.

• Alyssa Faith, daughter of Madison Dyer and Jamie Morgan Jr. of Chatsworth, July 8.

• Izabella Anahi, daughter of Casandra Solorio Quintero and Erik Jeovang Rojo-Aguilar of Dalton, July 8.

• Jaxon Edward, son of Tyffani and Joseph Lynch of Chatsworth, July 9.

• Aileen Bautista, daughter of Xiomara Morales and Mynor Bautista of Dalton, July 9.

• Benjamin Ryan Denton, son of Heather and Wesley Johnson of Tunnel Hill, July 10.

• Skylar Malia, daughter of Sara Gilley and T'ontray Billups of Dalton, July 10.

• Avian Alexzander, son of Maria M. Alvarez and Martin Melendez of Dalton, July 10.

• Angel Santiago, son of Guadalupe Pimentel Ramos and Pedro Bravlio Ramos of Dalton, July 10.

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