Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Riley Rose, daughter of Jessica Metcalf and Sean Metcalf of Dalton, June 4.

• Noah Landon, son of Tori Moree and Nathan Moree of Dalton, June 4.

• Airius Christopher, son of Mollie Renae Pelivi and Chris Allen Pelivi of Dalton, June 4.

• Elizabeth Grace, daughter of Grace Queen and Christopher Queen of Cohutta, June 4.

• Madeline Gabrielle, daughter of Claudia Acuna and Gabriel Acuna of Dalton, June 5.

• Raegan Hazel, daughter of Taylor Davis and Austin Johnson of Chatsworth, June 5.

• Victoria Kamila, daughter of Marisol Hurtado-Garcia and Victor Hugo Salaices-Hurtado of Dalton, June 5.

• AnnaLeigh Mae, daughter of Kelsey Watson and Jerry Williams of Crandall, June 5.

• Holdyn Bray, daughter of Heidi Welch and Sylvester Landeros of Dalton, June 5.

• Jordan Alessandro, son of Jennifer Chastain of Dalton, June 6.

• Aubrey Hope, daughter of Jessica Fleming and Taylor Fleming of Chatsworth, June 7.

• Vera Ann, daughter of Christina Larmon and Billy Vinyard of Dalton, June 7.

• Weston Nicholas, son of Megan Breanna Sanford and Jacob Nicholas Ware of Ellijay, June 7.

• Alanna Ann, daughter of Sara Rampley and Alex Carroll of Dalton, June 8.

• Mason Alexander, son of Ray Linda Walton and Darious Knight of Dalton, June 8.

• Grayson Edward, son of Heather Cranmore and Cody Cranmore of Ringgold, June 10.

• Gustavo Isaias, son of Maria Garcia and Gustavo Garcia of Dalton, June 11.

• Ford Eli, son of Sarah Henderson and Derrick Henderson of Chatsworth, June 11.

• Leilany, daughter of Biqui Ramirez and Arodi Tomas of Chatsworth, June 11.

• Esperanza Sofia, daughter of Elizabeth Rendon Smith and Spencer Almarine Smith of Dalton, June 11.

• Daniel Elijah, son of Lauren Tucker and Alex Tucker of Ringgold, June 11

• Wren Alexander, son of Valerie Klein and Kieran Klein of Chatsworth, June 12.

• Emma Lee, daughter of Memorie Nicole Swinney and Tyler Lee Searcy of Chatsworth, June 12.

• Gracie Rena, daughter of Kristie Kerr and Brandon Kerr of Calhoun, June 13.

• Tinlee Aleisa, daughter of Hope Tippens and Justin Tippens of Calhoun, June 13.

• Audrey Kate, daughter of Lena Buchanan of Chatsworth, June 14.

• Noah Alexander, son of Alejandra Jessica Lugo and Fernando Lugo of Dalton, June 14.

• Sophie Lucille, daughter of Taylor Moore and Alex Moore of Dalton, June 14.

• Ellie Rose, daughter of Kaitlyn Salter and Cody Stansell of Chatsworth, June 14.

• Emma Grace, daughter of Kaitlyn Salter and Cody Stansell of Chatsworth, June 14.

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