Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Henry Robert, son of Cassandra and Anthony Genitempo of Dalton, June 18.

• Susanna Marie, daughter of Emily Sue and Brent Bagby of Dalton, July 11.

• Grayson Chandler, son of Alexandra Mainor and Corbin Cleary of Dalton, July 12.

• Skylin Rayne, daughter of Bailey LaShae Massingill of Dalton, July 12.

• Eliana, daughter of Janet Lara and Sergio Araiza of Dalton, July 12.

• Thomas Winston, son of Michaela and Trevor Snyder of Dalton, July 14.

• Rowan Noel, daughter of Marci and Trent Smyth of Dalton, July 15.

• Greyson Joseph Lamar, son of Roshele Sumner and Alexander Linden of Dalton, July 15.

• Westin Lake, son of Breanna Caldwell and Tanner Brackett of Chatsworth, July 15.

• Kambriegh, daughter of Josseline and Cesar Diaz of Dalton, July 16.

• Rowdee Waylon, son of Jessica and Joshua Cabe of Dalton, July 16.

• Rogelio, son of Erica Palomo and Francisco Javier Cruz of Chatsworth, July 16.

• Avery Rayne, daughter of Rachel and Jeffery Greeson of Resaca, July 16.

• Daleyza Cecilia, daughter of Edmi Nalleli Bautista of Dalton, July 16.

• Davian Blair Ray, son of Tatiana Rogers and Damien Wallace of Dalton, July 16.

• Azari Cristian, son of Jessica Resendiz and Xavier Adam Tostado of Dalton, July 16.

• Blakelynn Kay, daughter or Lesley Walston of Dalton, July 16.

• Thomas Arkham Goku, son of Courtney and Robert Morris Parker Jr. of Chatsworth, July 17.

• Vivian Lee, daughter of Kadi Jarrett and Sergio Santamaria of Tunnel Hill, July 17.

• Georgia Ann, daughter of Alexandria Swanson and Woody Wiley of Ringgold, July 17.

• Esme Grace, daughter of Victoria and Rudendy Martinez of Dalton, July 17.

• Pondlee Ann, daughter of Hannah and Lee Pence of Dalton, July 18.

• David Ashton, son of Carina I. Meza and Randy Steed Rymer Jr. of Dalton, July 19.

• Luna Ninta, daughter of Aza and Ricardo Molina of Dalton, July 21.

• Emberly Marie, daughter of Taylor Dean and Nathaniel Wise of Dalton, July 22.

• Cayden Jesse, son of Brittany and William Beck of Chatsworth, July 22.

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