Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Brinsley Kate, daughter of Kayla Phillips and Blake Hackney of Dalton, March 28.

• Charlotte June, daughter of Cheianne Castaneda and Joshua Smithers of Dalton, March 28.

• Jedidiah Nicholas, son of Cheianne Castaneda and Joshua Smithers of Dalton, March 28.

• Vic Angelo Amadeus Jores, son of Anne and Victor Colina of Dalton, March 28.

• Alexis Rose, daughter of Fabiola Garza of Dalton, March 29.

• Paizlea Michelle, daughter of Audrey Leonard and Brandon Taylor of Chatsworth, March 29.

• Lucas, son of Katherine Londono Bedoya of Dalton, March 30.

• Winter Sofia Faith, daughter of Connie Blackburn of Dalton, March 31.

• Avery Jackson, son of Tosha and Ronnie McClure of Chatsworth, March 31.

• Elizabeth Annalee, daughter of Rosa Garcia and Hector Jinez of Dalton, April 1

• Savannah Reign, daughter of Hannah McCartney and Donnye Ford of Dalton, April 1

• Nicolas Martin, son of Jasmin and Miguel Garcia of Dalton, April 2.

• Delilah Ann, daughter of Brittany and Ricky Roberts of Tunnel Hill, April 3.

• Parker Dean, son of Kristy Spence and Christopher Langley of Dalton, April 3.

• James Anthony, son of Jennifer and David Desrochers of Dalton, April 4.

• Irvin Alberto, son of Rosa and Carlos Lopez of Dalton, April 4.

• Karter Ezriel, son of Destiney Terry of Dalton, April 5.

• Olivianna Maxine, daughter of Kalyn Branam and William Barry of Dalton, April 8.

• Kyleigh Patricia Lynn, daughter of Precious and Justin Hendricks of Tunnel Hill, April 8.

• Bentley Angel, son of Amanda Ramirez and Miguel Caraballo of Dalton, April 8.

• Esme Rhiannon, daughter of Kayla and Avery Caldwell of Chatsworth, April 9

• Arya Alejandra, daughter of Maira Federico and Erik Amador of Chatsworth, April 9.

• Aiden Andres, son of Cristina Sandoval and Arnold Ruiz of Dalton, April 9.

• Lucas Jacob, son of Jessica Knight and Jacob Ramos of Dalton, April 10.

• Julian, son of Maria Pacheco and Julio Gonzalez of Dalton, April 10.

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