Birth announcements for May 22/23

Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Mariana Abella, daughter of Jasmine Adame and Kevin Cortes Guijon of Chatsworth, April 30.

• Jericho James, son of Allie Motley and Mark Releford of Dalton, April 30.

• Alex Lee, son of Kayla Lewis and Chase Posey of Chatsworth, May 1.

• Iker Gael, son of Micaela Juarez Tomás and Erasmo Ramirez Ramírez of Dalton, May 2.

• Slad Cole, son of Ciarra Trimm and Colton Dishman of Ellijay, May 2.

• Myles Keith, son of Destiny Ashes and Travis Davis of Dalton, May 3.

• Vincente Thiago, son of Yissel Hernandez and Jesus Adame of Dalton, May 3.

• Stellano Ariel, son of Yissel Hernandez and Jesus Adame of Dalton, May 3.

• Katie Ray, daughter of Courtney and Zach Brown of Dalton, May 3.

• Chloe Marie, daughter of Jessica Peeples and Patrick Gibbens of Dalton, May 4.

• Callie Grace, daughter of Kimberly and Cody Weaver of Chatsworth, May 4.

• Sylas Arthur, son of Jessica Diaz-Machuca and Ronnie Hogges II of Tunnel Hill, May 4.

• Hudson Luke, son of Hannah and Gabe Shipman of Calhoun, May 4.

• Liliana Valeria, daughter of Kaitlyn Satterfield and Steven Herrera of Adairsville, May 5.

• Benjamin Josiah, son of Krista Wells and Benjamin Canchola Morales of Dalton, May 6.

• Jameson Waylon, son of Brooke Bryson and Joseph Crumley of Chatsworth, May 6.

• Kaeli Zoe, daughter of Karla Mendez Hernandez and Francisco Febres Santana of Dalton, May 6.

• Remy Lia, daughter of Maycee Bright and Nicholas Westbrook of Dalton, May 7.

• Waylon Ray, son of Ashley and Zachary Young of Dalton, May 7.

• Nolan Andrew, son of Kellie and Drew Smith of Dalton, May 7.

• Emilia Blake, daughter of Samantha and Christopher Greenwell of Rocky Face, May 7.

• Francisco Josiah, son of Shawna Webb and Edgar Mejias Miranda of Dalton, May 7.

• Charles Pierce, son of Katlyn and Brennan Palmer of Chattanooga, May 7.

• Harper Reece, daughter of Tiffany and Ross Whitman of Crandall, May 9.

• Zantiago Josue, son of Mariela Rodriguez ad Josue Arriola of Dalton, May 10.

• Nevaeh Cassandra Rose, daughter of Danielle Wyche and Victor Miranda of Dalton, May 10.

• Enzo Chavez, son of Alexia Neff and Jesus Corral of Dalton, May 11.

• Carter Henry, son of Amy Reed of Chatsworth, May 11.

• Turee Rayshon, son of Oddysse Ragland of Dalton, May 11.

• Memphis Jason Arthur, son of Cara Mullis and Dakota Suttles of Chatsworth, May 11.

• Ezekiel Andres, son of Andrea and Albert Martinez of Dalton, May 11.

• Skyler Nicole, daughter of Kheyla Quintero and Dakota Lovain of Dalton, May 11.

• Meredith Kate, daughter of Brittney and Ryan Adams of Chatsworth, May 11.

• Isabella Rose, daughter of Kailey Gallardo and Conner Roach of Dalton, May 12.

• Hunter Lee Ryder, son of Abigail Smith and Harley Cozart of Chatsworth, May 12.

• Silas Ray, son of Kassie and Nickie Edwards of Chatsworth, May 12.

• Evan Daniel, son of Kassie and Nickie Edwards of Chatsworth, May 12.

• Lydia Grace, daughter of Beth and Laban Howard of Dalton, May 12.

• Jazzlyn Anahi, daughter of Wendy Cervantes and Oscar Carillo of Dalton, May 12.

• Camden Joseph, son of Maegan and Chris Base of Chickamauga, May 12.

• Max Emerson, son of Rachel and Kent Boyd of Dalton, May 13.

• Rollins Anderson, son of Molly and Connor Chitwood of Rocky Face, May 13.

• Genesis Abigail, daughter of Erika and Ezequiel Fraire of Dalton, May 13.

• Sophia Joy, daughter of Kayla and Donde Edwards of Tunnel Hill, May 13.

• Waylon Roy, son of Tiffany and Joshua Roark of Tunnel Hill, May 14.

• Elena Fraire, daughter of Emily and Alejandro Fraire of Dalton, May 15.

• Maximus Lee, son of Katie Jackson and Kaylub Kuhn of Chatsworth, May 16.

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