Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Steven Mattias, son of Maria Salaices and Alexander Caballero of Dalton, April 27.

• Nikolas Jesus, son of Fatima and Irvin Espinal of Dalton, April 28.

• Oliver Timothy, son of Lindsey and Benjamin Ward of Dalton, April 29.

• Gianni, son of Yolanda and James Messersmith of Calhoun, April 30.

• Jurni Marie, daughter of Tosha and Juan Martinez of Dalton, April 30.

• Caroline Rose, daughter of Brandy and Austin Kinsey of Sugar Valley, April 30.

• Capri Raelynn, daughter of Tatum Brown and Andrew Newman of Chatsworth, May 1.

• Layla Amanda, daughter of Melanie and Dillon Lewis of Adairsville, May 1.

• Sofia Marie, daughter of Jessica Martinez and Rosendo Leon-Pimentel of Dalton, May 1.

• Blair Elizabeth, daughter of Tara and Austin Byrd of Dalton, May 2.

• Elijah Dixon, son of Wendy and Zach Sosebee of Calhoun, May 4.

• Matilda Reese, daughter of Ashley and Jared Verplancke of Dalton, May 4.

• Camryn Rose, daughter of Hailey Baker and Cameron Osborne of Chatsworth, May 5.

• Sadie Julia, daughter of Jordan and Stephen Straw of Dalton, May 5.

• Arri Brielle, daughter of Cori Harolson and Elijay Blackwell of Dalton, May 5.

• Tessa Nicole, daughter of Julie and Wayne Henry of Chatsworth, May 5.

• Hudson Taylor, son of Rachel Barton and Tim Williams of Dalton, May 5.

• Mia Nathalie, daughter of Ericka Perez Fraire and Guillermo Lopez of Calhoun, May 5.

• Camila Gianna, daughter of Sandra Ponce and Dario Vasquez of Dalton, May 5.

• Marshall Wayne, son of Natasha and Samuel Smith of Chatsworth, May 6.

• Emma Lynn, daughter of Codie Howard and Kurtis Lykins of Chatsworth, May 6.

• Jones Monroe, son of Sidney and Jagger Childers of Chatsworth, May 6.

• Anna Grace Louise, daughter of Jennifer and Eric Weaver of Dalton, May 6.

• Ivan Dilar, son of Elena Rodriguez and Ivan Ortega of Dalton, May 6.

• Addison Hope, daughter of Michaela and Michael Henderson of Calhoun, May 7.

• Christopher Guadalupe, son of Aracely Rodriguez and Maimino Mendiola of Dalton, May 7.

• Asher Mehki, son of Skyy Kelly and Josh Curtis of Chatsworth, May 8.

• Violet Emma Mae, daughter of Courtney Spivey and Jacob Long of Dalton, May 9.

• Christopher Aron, son of Maria Huijon and Edgard Leon Flores of Dalton, May 9.

• Frankie Cruz, son of Jazmin Magana and Francisco Contreras of Dalton, May 10.

• Reed Maddox, son of Taylan and Adam Crawford of Ringgold, May 10.

• Sofia Isabelle, daughter of Maria Lazaro and Christian Hernandez of Dalton, May 10.

• Camila Ivette, daughter of Ana Isabel Alanis and Abel Velasquez of Dalton, May 11.

• Jeremiah Ross, son of Margaret and Jason Baggett of Dalton, May 11.

• Willow Dawn, daughter of Autumn and Daniel Pheagin of Tunnel Hill, May 12.

• Grady Lee, son of Rebekah and Blake Cook of Rocky Face, May 12.

• Emilio, son of Casandra Trevino and Carlos Juan of Dalton, May 12.

• Henry Oliver-Graham, son of Dana and Mark Sisson of Calhoun, May 12.

• Armani Nicole, daughter of Ashanti Beasley and Arthaniel Womble of Dalton, May 12.

• Jett Preston, son of Elyse Rashay and Kyle Preston Davis of Chatsworth, May 12.

• Yadier Esteban, son of Paola and Esteban Marquez of Dalton, May 12.

• Laura Clover, daughter of Sydney Kilgore and Thomas Parris of Chatsworth, May 13.

• John Parker, son of Hannah and Levi Sams of Dalton, May 13.

• Rowen Kia, son of Claudia Hernandez Villagomez and Justin Wilson of Dalton, May 14.

• Jaycob, son of Claudia Hicho and Adalberto Monroig of Ellijay, May 14.

• Liilian Mattie, daughter of Alivia and Eric Key of Dalton, May 14.

• Holly Harper, daughter of Megan and Billy Harris of Chatsworth, May 14.

• Alaina Lynn, daughter of Ansley and Steven Dyer of Dalton, May 14.

• Asa Michael, son of Canaan and Michael McClure of Rock Springs, May 16.

• Shawn Wyatt, son of Jasmine and Bradley Edge of Resaca, May 16.

• Grayson Joshua, son of Kaitlyn Williams and Kobe Jeffery of Crandall, May 16.

• Brinley Emma, daughter of Chelsea and Austin Standridge of Rocky Face, May 17.

• Kason Ryan, son of Heather Patterson and Jeremy Pendergrass of Dalton, May 18.

• Hudson Jack, son of Jade and Keith Rowland of Chatsworth, May 18.

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