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Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Marshall Allan, son of Brittany Plott and Austin Campbell of Dalton, Oct. 22.

• Aurora Cherie Grace, daughter of Candi Carter and Trenton Flower of Rocky Face, Oct. 24.

• Carson Ray, son of Heather Monday of Chatsworth, Oct. 24.

• Kamon Mitchell Lee Ray, son of Heather and Mitchell Vaughn of Dalton, Oct. 25.

• Aya, daughter of Sarah Khursheed and Tarek Azzouz of Dalton, Oct. 25.

• Ezra James, son of Jordan Clark and Kelby Proctor of Dalton, Oct. 26.

• Abigail Andrea, daughter of Carmen and Andres Moran of Dalton, Oct. 26.

• Katalina Emily, daughter of Nayeli and Alejandro Lopez of Dalton, Oct. 27.

• Matthew Samuel, son of Maricela and Mario Tercedo of Dalton, Oct. 27.

• Eden Esther, daughter of Cassandra Ingle and Glen Keith of Tunnel Hill, Oct. 27.

• Bonnie SueAnne, daughter of Cassie and Nathaniel Bowen of Cohutta, Oct. 27.

• Maddox Stafford, son of Chandler Chastine and Hank Miller of Dalton, Oct. 28.

• Gwendalyn Faye, daughter of Courtney and Christopher Glover of Dalton, Oct. 28.

• Keyra Alana, daughter of Llamile Alvarez and Gustavo Marquez of Dalton, Oct. 28.

• Sirius Elioenai, son of Alma Figueroa Guzman and Edwin Garcia Vera of Dalton, Oct. 30.

• Leland Xavier, son of Jennifer and Phillip Painter of Chatsworth, Oct. 31.

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