Birth announcements for Sept. 12

Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Alena Gabrylle, daughter of Jessica Vickers and Charles Rolen of Dalton, Aug. 21.

Kingston Lucifer, son of Delilah and Enrique Rodriguez of Dalton, Aug. 21.

Justice Mason, son of Ashley Campbell and Mario Sanchez Castillo of Dalton, Aug. 21.

Yeshua, son of Adriana Diana Lopez and Jose Mendiola of Dalton, Aug. 22.

Hadassa, daughter of Sandra Gricelda Garcia Pablo and Marcos Aguilar Paiz of Ellijay, Aug. 23.

Addalyn Everly Nicole, daughter of Anita and Jacob Pitts of Dalton, Aug. 23.

Carter Allen, son of Brittney and Jason Pendergrass of Dalton, Aug. 24.

Leanne Ashley, daughter of Jessica Cross of Dalton, Aug. 24.

Rylee Elizabeth, daughter of Destiny Sluder and Jacob Miller of Chatsworth, Aug. 24.

Brixxlei Annahlyce, daughter of Alishia and Cody Griffith of Tunnel Hill, Aug. 25.

Laura Elizabeth, Cheyenne Jones and James Bartlett of Cisco, Aug. 25.

Colson Rhett, son of Ashlee and Drew Massey of Dalton, Aug. 25.

Alice Marie, daughter of Maria Lee and Byung Hak Chung of Fort Oglethorpe, Aug. 25.

Alexandria Elijah, son of Holly and Austin Morton of Resaca, Aug. 25.

Dwaine Stryker Thomas, son of Ashley Paige Miller of Dalton, Aug. 25.

Liam Ray, son of Staci and Josh Mitchem of Dalton, Aug. 26.

Melanie, daughter of Kasandra Reinado and Jose Zavala of Dalton, Aug. 26.

Liam Jasper, son of Nichole Chambers and Carter Collins of Dalton, Aug. 26.

Anthony Lane, son of Grace and Chris Knight of Chatsworth, Aug. 26.

Santiago, son of Maria Del Rosario Trejo and Victor Alonso Guzman Murillo of Dalton, Aug. 27.

Emiliano David, son of Amanda and David Alfonzo of Dalton, Aug. 27.

Nova Rose, daughter of Amber Weaver and Dillon Hightower of Dalton, Aug. 27.

Haistin Aaron, son of Hailey Mahan and Destin Corvi of Calhoun, Aug. 29.

Erin Sophia, daughter of Ashley Cantrell and Brandon Hairston of Dalton, Aug. 29.

Hayven Ivee, daughter of Caylee and Nickolas Carnes of Rocky Face, Aug. 29.

Giovanni Nicolas, son of Elizabeth Munoz and Ramiro Perez of Calhoun, Aug. 31.

Melany Guadalupe, daughter of Elizabeth Munoz and Ramiro Perez of Calhoun, Aug. 31.

Carson Lane, son of Kayla Hedden and Bryson Luffman of Dalton, Aug. 31.

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