Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Draco Cartier, son of Kendra Cecilia Sevilla and Alejandro Perez of Calhoun, Aug. 10.

• Kiley Kaye Elaine, daughter of Pamela Watkins and Scott Stephens of Dalton, Aug. 10.

• Jordan JeJuan, son of Brianna Waters and Jeremiah McMillon of Dalton, Aug. 14.

• Levi Bryce, son of Whittney Johnston and Andrew Johnston of Tunnel Hill, Aug. 14.

• James Archer, son of Autum Wade and Keith Mallett of Chatsworth, Aug. 14.

• Brantley Cole Huckeby, son of Chyenne Cochran and Tyler Huckeby of Chatsworth, Aug. 15.

• Saint Cordell, son of Catilyn Devone Howze and Sherman Howze of Dalton, Aug. 15.

• Willow Lee Elsbeth, daughter of Nancy Moore and David Moore of Chatsworth, Aug. 15.

• Cristian Ivan, son of Lisbeth Nava-Fraire and Juan Carlos Fraire of Dalton, Aug. 15.

• Nova Grace, daughter of Montana Printup and William Hunter of Dalton, Aug. 15.

• Wyatt Jonathon Cotis, son of Ashley Smith and Jonathon Smith of Dalton, Aug. 15.

• Caleb Austin, son of Kendra Beal and Caleb Rogers of Cohutta, Aug. 16.

• Elijah Santiago, son of Norma Ginez and Jose Ginez of Dalton, Aug. 16.

• David Hank, son of Ashley Hawkins and Blake Hawkins of Chatsworth, Aug. 16.

• Rose Skye, daughter of Andrea King and Matthew Wiley of Dalton, Aug. 16.

• Navy Jade, daughter of Valerie McBryar and Austin McBryar of Chatsworth, Aug. 16.

• Lillian Faith, daughter of Lindsey Smallwood and Wesley Smallwood of Tunnel Hill, Aug. 16.

• Eleanor Hope, daughter of Lindsey Smallwood and Wesley Smallwood of Tunnel Hill, Aug. 16.

• Evan Reece, son of Whitney Barnes and Jonathon Barnes of Chatsworth, Aug. 17.

• Andres, son of Maria G. Vigil Herrera and Alejandro Suarez Berumen of Dalton, Aug. 17.

• Addison Willow-Ann, daughter of Cassie Miller and Rodney Miller of Tunnel Hill, Aug. 18.

• Mason Carson Lamar, son of Kayli Ann Ponders and Ryan Lee Ponders of Chatsworth, Aug. 18.

• Ezekiel Julian, son of Maria D. Abou Rached and George Adel Abou Rached of Dalton, Aug. 18.

• Kayzleigh Raven, daughter of Kaylin Whitlock and Justin Whitlock of Resaca, Aug. 18.

• Jude River, son of Kati Moore and Garren Moore of Chatsworth Aug. 19.

• Buckley Pierce, son of Alise Ruddell and Cody Ruddell of Dalton, Aug. 19.

• Willow Gray, daughter of Madison Nicole Russell and Will Matthew Patterson of Atlanta, Aug. 19.

• Henry Allan, son of Kayla Felker and Nathan Felker of Dalton, Aug. 20.

• Micah Liam, son of Heather Panter and Clifford Panter of Chatsworth, Aug. 20.

• Breana Reese, daughter of Nicole Bell and James Patterson of Chatsworth, Aug. 21.

• Klyde River Edward Lamar, son of Patricia Layman and Justin Lovingood of Dalton, Aug. 21.

• Everleigh Dakota, daughter of McKenzie Moss and Cameron Rainey of Cohutta, Aug. 21.

• Aubrey Michael, son of Frances Wood and Ben Harris of Chattanooga TN, Aug. 21.

• Brixtan Ray, son of Brittany Adkins and David Adkins of Sugar Valley, Aug. 22.

• Hope Ann, daughter of Carla Barnes and Stephen Tyler Hickerson of Dalton, Aug. 22.

• Elijah Daniel, son of Kadie Brown and Danny Brown of Cleveland, TN, Aug. 22.

• Mateo Ivan, son of Angelica Garcia and Jesus Garcia of Dalton, Aug. 22.

• Everett Scott, son of Shelbi Stephens and Jackie Stephens of Dalton, Aug. 22.

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