Hamilton Medical Center announces the following births:

• Knox Sawyer, son of Ashley and Ty Hembree of Chatsworth, Sept. 12.

• Ricardo Jorden, son of Rosie Walton and Gerardo Hernandez Chairez of Dalton, Sept. 12.

• Mila Abigail, daughter of Mercedes Hope Queen and Hector Luis Gomez of Dalton, Sept. 13.

• Syrus Paul, son of Magan and Blake Souther of Rocky Face, Sept. 16.

• Nash Hilux, son of Cecily and Seth Maggard of Calhoun, Sept. 16.

• Karina Yulissa, daughter of Amanda Guzman Altamirano and Jose Angel Perez Maldonado of Dalton, Sept. 16.

• Sutton Clarke, daughter of Taylor Cooper and Reid Thurmond of Dalton, Sept. 16.

• Jack Lee, son of Becca and Cory Allen of Sugar Hill, Sept. 18.

• Jasper Leon, son of Mandy Rasar of Dalton, Sept. 18.

• Camila Anahi, daughter of Alma and Cruz Jesus Luna of Dalton, Sept. 18.

• Raelynn Olivia, daughter of Bethany Land and Shane Patterson of Chatsworth, Sept. 18.

• Xavier Kye, son of Chastity and Dustin Allison of Chatsworth, Sept. 19.

• Zaylem John Aven, son of Andrea and John Pritchett of Chatsworth, Sept. 19.

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