If you have ever flipped through a Farmer’s Almanac you will see zodiac signs that point to the best and/or worst times for a variety of activities. You may have even heard a grandparent say “The signs are right, time to plant the garden.” Did you ever say to yourself “What in the world are they talking about?”

Some have found that when the moon is in a certain phase or zodiac constellation certain things have better success than in other phases. Depending on the origins, these zodiac constellations, or “signs,” rule the moon or even certain parts of the body. If the moon is waxing and in a “fertile” sign, then plant; if it’s waning and in a “barren” sign, till or harvest. Or, the part of the body that is more sensitive to a zodiac sign at a specific time rules a given task. Many believed this so firmly they refused to take on any chore, whether it be planting or getting a haircut, without first checking to see what the “signs” were.

A brief explanation(Zodiac, sign)

• Aries, head: Good for cultivating, planting beets and onions, bad for planting other crops.

• Taurus, neck: Good for all root crops and above-ground crops.

• Gemini, arms: Good for planting all crops, also for preserving jellies and pickles.

• Cancer, breast: Best for planting above-ground and root crops.

• Leo, heart: Bad for planting and transplanting.

• Virgo, bowels: Bad for planting.

• Libra, reins: Good for planting above-ground crops and flowering plants.

• Scorpio, loins: Best for flowers and above-ground crops.

• Sagittarius, thighs: Good for baking and preserving, bad for transplanting.

• Capricorn, knees: Best for root crops, good for flowers and above-ground crops.

• Aquarius, legs: Good for above-ground crops.

• Pisces, feet: Good for planting and transplanting above-ground crops, trees and shrubs.

Those that go by the signs say planting is best done during the “fruitful” signs of the zodiac: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus or Cancer. They say it is best to plant everything that yields above ground during the increasing (waxing) new to full moon and all those that yield below the ground when the moon is decreasing (waning) from full to new. Never plant when the moon is changing phases or there is no moon, this time is best spent pruning or trimming, dead-heading and pulling or spraying weeds. Harvest all crops when the moon is waning because they will keep longer.

If you have any questions about gardening, feel free to contact Brenda Jackson at Murray County Extension at (706) 695-3031 or bljack@uga.edu.

Brenda Jackson is the agricultural and natural resources agent for Murray County Extension.


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