Pets of the Week: Patsy and CC

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Patsy and CC.

Patsy and CC are two sweet Chihuahuas that have formed a tight bond since first meeting at our shelter. It is touching to watch how much these two care about each other. Because of their strong friendship, we have decided to find them a forever home both can share.

Patsy is a tiny, sweet 2-year-old miniature pinscher/Chihuahua mix that arrived at our shelter with six pups in tow. This dainty, little momma certainly had her hands full! We provided her with private accommodations while nursing her pups with the help of one of our volunteers. They reported that Patsy is a very affectionate, gentle and a polite lady. She was the perfect house guest and completely housebroken. After returning to the shelter, Patsy’s motherly instincts helped provide comfort to another rescue, CC who would soon become her best friend.

Also 2 years old, CC (short for Cookies & Cream) was rescued a day after Patsy came back to the shelter from her foster home. We received an urgent plea to help a tiny Chihuahua mix that was abandoned outside a local ice cream parlor. She had a badly injured front leg and was in great pain.

Extremely frightened, the tiny black and tan pup resisted all attempts to help her. She would try to nip and then hobble off away. Frustrated and concerned, the business staff reached out to us to see if we could help rescue her. A few of our dedicated volunteers were soon on their way.

They found the tiny dog exhausted hiding under a bush. With gentle coaxing and despite a few more nips, one volunteer was able to scoop her up to get her in a crate. Soon, she was on her way to our vet to receive much needed emergency treatment and care. CC’s X-rays revealed a badly fractured leg which was then placed in a cast.

The following day, CC and Patsy met while outside with volunteers. Patsy instinctively knew CC needed her and was quick to cozy up to her new friend. They were so good together while in the play yard that we decided to let them share accommodations. Patsy’s companionship played a major role in CC’s recovery and their personalities complement each other very well.

Patsy and CC would prefer a quiet calm household where someone could be home with them most of the day. Both would be great little companions for a retiree or someone who works from home. They are quite fond of cuddling but not too clingy. If you are relaxing and watching TV, Patsy and CC are the first to hop up into your lap.

No problems, however, if you are working or busy with household tasks. They will entertain themselves nicely with a toy or snuggle up together for a nap. Both are easy-going pups that do not require much exercise. A daily stroll around the block or time spent outside exploring a fenced-in backyard will do.

Are you ready to open your heart and home to these two special pals? Go to to apply for them.

The Humane Society of Northwest Georgia is closed to the public until further notice. It is still doing adoptions by appointments to approved adopters. The Humane Society of Northwest Georgia is a local organization supporting the human/companion animal bond. It is funded by the generosity of donations. Donations can be sent to HSNWGA, P.O. Box 3946, Dalton, GA 30719.

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