Associates receive Heart of Hamilton Awards for exceptional acts

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Pictured are Heart of Hamilton Award recipients for the last several months. In the top row, from left, are Alyssa Ward, Amy Moore, Andrea Phipps, Becki McBride, Ben Oliver and Brandi Cooper. In the second row are Britney Gembe, Brittany Black, Carol Arnold, Chris Withrow, Danny Self and Daryl Cole. In the third row are Debbie Gray, Diana Whitehead, Dixie Dotson, Edith Sanchez, Fatima Wells and Freda Hoffman. In the fourth row are Gail Ward, George Meza, Heather Cole, Holly Cannady, Joel Stockburger and Ken Waddell. In the fifth row are Laura Calderon, Laurie McGee, Dr. Lee Connor, Lindsay Greene, Lyn Crabb and Lynette Bennett. In the sixth row are Maggie Gomez, Maria Quintero, Mary Caitlin Lock, Midge Gibson, Montanna Deocampo and Natalie Williams. In the seventh row are Neal Brannen, Pat Carillo, Rita Prindle, Robyn Bryant, Sherry Eychaner and Sue Holsomback. In the eighth row are Terri Woodruff, Timothy Ryals, Tony Blalock, Tori Ashe and Wendy Fincher.

During the last several months, Hamilton Health Care System presented the Heart of Hamilton Award to associates for acts that exceeded performance expectations.

Recipients were Alyssa Ward, Guest Services; Amy Moore, nursing; Andrea Phipps, Infection Prevention; Becki McBride, Anna Shaw Children’s Institute (ASCI); Ben Oliver, Hamilton Physician Group (HPG) – Catoosa Campus; Brandi Cooper, nursing; Britney Gembe, gift shop; Brittany Black, nursing; Carol Arnold, nursing; Chris Withrow, Home Health; and Danny Self, Facilities.

Also, Daryl Cole, Marketing; Debbie Gray, Associate Health; Diana Whitehead, Respiratory Care; Dixie Dotson, Regency Park; Edith Sanchez, nursing; Fatima Wells, nursing; Freda Hoffman, Peeples Cancer Institute (PCI); Gail Ward, Emergency Department; George Meza, PCI; Heather Cole, Quinton Memorial; Holly Cannady, PCI; and Joel Stockburger, Bradley Wellness Center.

And Ken Waddell, pastoral care; Laura Calderon, Case Management; Laurie McGee, ASCI; Dr. Lee Connor, HPG – Specialty Care; Lindsay Greene, PCI; Lyn Crabb, HPG – Specialty Care; Lynette Bennett, Emergency Department; Maggie Gomez, PCI; Maria Quintero, lab; Mary Caitlin Lock, nursing; Midge Gibson, PCI; Montanna Deocampo, nursing; and Natalie Williams, Emergency Department.

And Neal Brannen, hospice; Pat Carillo, HPG – Neurology; Rita Prindle, endoscopy; Robyn Bryant, Emergency Department; Sherry Eychaner, Environmental Services; Sue Holsomback, Human Resources; Terri Woodruff, ASCI; Timothy Ryals, Royal Oaks; Tony Blalock, Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU); Tori Ashe, pharmacy; and Wendy Fincher, SICU.

The Heart of Hamilton Award is provided as a way to recognize Hamilton associates or volunteers for actions that truly demonstrate the “Heart of Hamilton” (serving with compassion through professionalism, respect, integrity, diligence and excellence).

Hamilton associates and volunteers can be nominated for the Heart of Hamilton Award at or at one of the recognition boxes around the system.

“It’s an honor to work with our associates,” said Shelia Baker, Heart of Hamilton committee chair. “It’s also great to see the positive impact of their actions.”

Heart of Hamilton Award

Hamilton Health Care System focuses on serving with compassion. Through professionalism, respect, integrity, diligence and excellence, associates and volunteers demonstrate their commitment to the people of the community. When associates and volunteers go out of their way to make a difference in the lives of patients, family members, guests or other associates and volunteers, Hamilton is committed to recognizing their extraordinary actions. Hamilton associates and volunteers may be nominated for this award at

Source: Hamilton Health Care System

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