Bauswell remembered as someone who loved people and rushed to help others

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Katherine Bauswell, seated, who passed away on Tuesday, was injured when she was struck by a car as she tried to assist a motorcyclist who had wrecked. She is shown with her daughter Brianna and her husband James.

If Katherine Bauswell saw someone who needed help, she wouldn't hesitate to step in.

"It didn't matter if she knew that person or not, she'd be one of the first people there for them," said her father, Carl Strunk.

Bauswell, a resident of Chatsworth, passed away on Tuesday at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. In December of 2018, she saw a motorcyclist crash into the median of Chatsworth Highway in front of a convenience store where she was. She grabbed her phone, called 911 and went to see if she could help. She was struck by a car and was airlifted to Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga.

“She was just trying to help someone out, and that is who she is,” her daughter Brianna said at the time. “She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She got hurt doing what she loves to do and that is helping others. I love the fact she was trying to help, and hate that it happened.”

Strunk said he's proud his daughter tried to help.

"I hate what happened. I really do," he said. "But that's just who she was. If she saw someone in need, she was going to try to help."

Strunk recalled his daughter as someone who loved yard sales and auctions and bingo games. She worked for Shaw Industries for 22 years.

"She was a people person. She could talk to anyone," he said. "She was a good daughter and a good mother. She put her daughter through CNA (certified nursing assistant) school."

Strunk said he realized just what an impact his daughter had had on others during the months she spent in hospitals after the incident.

"So many people came to see her, so many people reached out to help us," he said. "I'm really grateful for all of them."

Katherine Bauswell was to be buried on Friday.

The family and Pizza King in Chatsworth had been planning a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to help the family with medical bills. Strunk said that will still go on but will be postponed until the end of August. Tickets are $6 and are still available. To get tickets, call Strunk at (762) 209-1172.

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