Brown joins Hamilton Physician Group -- Specialty Care

Angel Brown

Angel Brown says being a pulmonologist is very rewarding because she loves to see her patients get better.

“Something as simple as a cough can keep people from living their lives, like going to church,” Brown said. “Sometimes it’s something very simple such as putting them on medication that costs only a couple of dollars, and their cough goes away. It’s very fulfilling to help people get back to their lives.”

Brown is a board-certified pulmonologist at Hamilton Physician Group — Specialty Care, 1243 Broadrick Drive. She completed fellowship training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

As part of Hamilton Physician Group — Specialty Care, Brown provides treatment for respiratory diseases, including asthma, bronchitis, COPD, occupational lung diseases, lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. Brown joins Dr. Vikas Jain at the practice.

“For the most part, when people are coughing, it’s rarely something that’s contagious, even with all of the viruses and bacterial infections that are going around,” Brown said. “Usually they’re not going to present as an isolated cough.”

The top three reasons for a cough are post-nasal drainage or sinus drainage, asthma and acid reflux disease.

“There’s no infection related to the top three reasons for cough,” said Brown. “Many people feel shunned by their families because of their cough when it likely is not something that’s contagious.”

Brown said being a pulmonologist can be like being a detective.

“Sometimes the issue is in the lungs, and sometimes it’s a different organ altogether,” Brown said. “That’s what makes pulmonary medicine very fun and challenging because you rarely see the same thing twice. You really have to do a lot of thinking and thinking outside of the box. That, to me, is fun. That’s why I was attracted to pulmonary medicine.”

Brown is accepting new patients.

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