Caylor named District Attorneys Investigator of the Year

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Kevin Calyor, left, and District Attorney Bert Poston at the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council summer conference on Jekyll Island.


Kevin Caylor, one of four investigators for the Conasauga Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office and sole investigator assigned to the Murray County office, was named Investigator of the Year by the District Attorneys Association of Georgia. District Attorney Bert Poston presented the award at the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council annual summer conference on Jekyll Island.

Caylor was nominated for the award for his consistent diligence and persistence when it comes to protecting Murray County’s most vulnerable citizens, especially victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

While presenting the award, Poston recalled one case Caylor worked on where the offender, Jeff Bully, had operated an unlicensed “sober living facility” in Chatsworth that housed a number of probationers from other circuits. Bully used his position of authority to exploit those sent to his facility and that included multiple sexual assaults of female residents.

When law enforcement began investigating the case, Bully fled out of state. No one could find him, and even the FBI gave up, stating that they had exhausted all resources.

Caylor took up the hunt and tracked Bully to a Cherokee Indian reservation in Oklahoma. Working with local law enforcement, Caylor arranged to lure Bully off the reservation where he could be arrested and extradited to Georgia.

Caylor then set about tracking down Bully’s victims, both those who had been assaulted in Murray County and several that he had assaulted elsewhere but who were later allowed to testify at trial to show Bully’s pattern of behavior. A total of 13 victims testified against Bully at trial. Because of Caylor’s efforts, Bully is now serving three consecutive life sentences in the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Other cases highlighted in the nomination include Caylor developing evidence that led to a federal prosecution of an offender who had attempted to illegally purchase a firearm after having threatened his victim, Caylor uncovering a conspiracy to smuggle contraband into the Murray County jail and implicating a contact employee in the kitchen who was successfully prosecuted, Caylor discovering an inappropriate relationship between a Murray County inmate being housed in another county and a jailer working at that other jail and Caylor successfully recovering firearms discarded by fleeing felons.

These are just a few of many examples of Caylor taking the initiative and going above and beyond what was required of him to locate people and strengthen cases for prosecution.

Caylor has been certified as a law enforcement officer by the Peace Officer Standards & Training Council (POST) since 1998 when he was a deputy sheriff for Murray County and has been an investigator for the District Attorney’s Office since 2000 when he was hired initially under a federal domestic violence grant.

At the conclusion of the award presentation, Poston stated that he was “honored to have served alongside Kevin Caylor for over 20 years” and thanked Caylor “for all that you do for our community and our state.”

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