Chatsworth man indicted for attempted murder for hitting man in the head with a hatchet

Adam Watkins

A Chatsworth man who has been in jail since April has been indicted for criminal attempt to commit murder and aggravated battery after hitting a 59-year-old man in the head with a hatchet, causing a "deep laceration" on the back of the man's head and skull fractures, according to the arrest warrant.

Adam Dewayne Watkins received a $50,000 bond in Murray County Superior Court on Wednesday from Judge Larry Salmon and was still being held in the county jail Wednesday afternoon.

Watkins, 44, of 373 Red Road, was charged by the Murray County Sheriff’s Office with aggravated battery on April 8.

The man survived the attack but an indictment said the blow caused "bodily harm ... by seriously disfiguring" him.

“We are just getting into it and there are a lot of unanswered questions,” said Dalton attorney Richard Murray, who is representing Watkins. “From what I know, there were four people there and the only witness was a 14-year-old boy. We are still trying to figure things out.”

According to a Murray County Sheriff's Office incident report, deputies and detectives were sent to a house in Chatsworth on April 8 at about 2:12 p.m. following a report of Watkins hitting a man who lived there with an ax.

According to a juvenile witness, Watkins had been at the residence since the morning working on small engines. The juvenile said his father left to pick up a four-wheeler and Watkins told the father he would help him when he got back.

The juvenile's grandfather came down to the shop and began working on a small engine, the juvenile said. The juvenile said Watkins was standing behind his grandfather and that Watkins "picked up a hatchet and reared it back over his head looking down at” the grandfather and "before he knew it Mr. Watkins had hit (the grandfather) in the back of the head with the hatchet."

The juvenile said a woman who was there with Watkins was standing in front of the grandfather “staring at him but never warned him.”

The juvenile said he ran out of the building and went to his grandmother's house and told her "Mr. Watkins just killed" the juvenile's grandfather.

A detective had Watkins in custody "within eyesight" of the scene.

Conditions of Watkins' bond are that he have no contact with the grandfather "or any member of his family"; no contact with the woman who was there that day; and that he must "comply with mental health evaluations and treatment recommendations."

Messages left for investigators on Wednesday were not immediately returned.

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