Dalton City Council approves design contract for new road connecting Market Street and Dug Gap Road

Dalton City Council members took another step Monday in the city's efforts to revitalize Market Street.

Council members voted 3-0 to approve a contact not to exceed $470,800 with Goodwyn Mills Cawood of Atlanta to design a road that will connect Market Street to Dug Gap Road. Mayor David Pennington typically votes only if there is a tie, and one council seat is vacant.

The contract includes surveying the site and locating underground utilities.

City Administrator Andrew Parker said that area suffers from significant stormwater issues when there is rain and the company will also be tasked with looking at ways to mitigate those problems.

Council members also voted 3-0 to approve a $173,238 contract with Place Services of Canton to repair the cupolas on City Hall.

Parker said City Hall has problems with "water intrusion" and this project is aimed at fixing that. The contractors will also repair water damage in the third-floor foyer.

Council members voted 2-1 to approve three new alcoholic beverage licenses. Council member Tyree Goodlett cast the dissenting vote.

The licenses are package beer, wine and liquor for Dalton Beverages at 1007 S. Thornton Ave.; pouring beer, wine and liquor for Freya's Lounge at 303 E. Morris St.; and pouring beer for Tienda Tikal 2 at 614 Fourth Ave., suite 4-6.

Before the meeting Dalton's Greater Works founder and President Robert Hill spoke against the license for Dalton Beverages, which will be near the ministry. Founded in 1996, Dalton's Greater Works provides services to the homeless and indigent in the community.

"For us, it's not good," Hill said. "The folks that we minister to have issues with alcohol. I would ask you to consider denying that permit."

Goodlett asked if there had to be a "certain distance from a church or ministry" and a place selling alcohol. City staff members said there has to be at least 200 yards between a store or restaurant selling alcohol and a church or ministry and the distance between Greater Works and Dalton Beverages had been measured and it was verified the distance meets that requirement.

"There are already several places that serve alcohol down there," said council member Gary Crews. "We should ask public safety to pay more attention to that area down there."

After the meeting, Goodlett said that "in good conscience" he could not vote to provide a license to Dalton Beverages even though it met "all the requirements."

"There's a ministry down there trying to serve people who are on alcohol and drugs," he said. "I just don't think it will help to have another establishment down there that is selling alcohol. It's nothing personal. It's just something on my conscience."

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