Dalton man sentenced to prison for aggravated assault

Alex Jermain Peinado

A Dalton man has been sentenced to six years in prison followed by nine years on probation after pleading guilty to four counts of aggravated assault in Whitfield County Superior Court, District Attorney Bert Poston said.

Alex Jermain Peinado, who also faced charges of first-degree home invasion, possession of a firearm during a crime, two counts of theft by receiving stolen property. obstruction of officers and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, was arrested by Dalton Police Department officers on Oct. 6, 2019.

According to an incident report, officers responded to Al Rollins Park in reference to a "disturbance" that occurred at 805 Summerhill. The "complainant" said a man came inside the residence at 805 Summerhill and "brandished a firearm, threatening to kill the subjects in the room."

One person they spoke with at the residence told them the suspect, later identified as Peinado, was on the steps of a residence across the street. When officers approached him, he tried to enter the house but the door was locked. After officers ordered him to "show his hands" and sit down on the steps, he walked down the steps and took off running but fell down after 20 feet and was restrained. The report said he smelled of an "alcoholic beverage" and was "cussing" at the officers as well as the victims who were standing in the front yard of the 805 Summerhill residence.

Officers searched him and found a 31-round Glock magazine with 31 bullets in it and a Glock Model 19. They also found an iPhone 7.

They placed him in a patrol car and returned to speak to the victims. One said Peinado had "robbed" his cellphone from him the previous day at Al Rollins Park. The man said he did not call police because Peinado threatened to kill him.

He said on that day (Oct. 6, 2019) Peinado came to his home and asked for the phone's passcode. When he hesitated to give it to him, the report said, Peinado removed a firearm from his pocket and "made threats to kill him and everyone else in the room," and waved the gun around the room, pointing it at the people in the room.

When the man gave the passcode to another person who had come into the room, he said Peinado "then sat back down in the chair as if nothing had happened, and began speaking as if they were all friends."

When the man's grandparents returned home, Peinado ran out of the house.

The other people who had been in the room "all gave the same account of what had happened," the report said.

The phone was returned to the man. A check found the gun that Peinado had was stolen.

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