Emadian joins Hamilton Physician Group - Neurosurgery and Spine

Seyed Emadian

Dr. Seyed Emadian says his favorite part of medicine is gaining the trust of his patients and making a difference in their lives.

“That will never, ever change,” he said. “That’s the most rewarding part of medicine to me.”

Emadian has worked with some of the world’s best in neurosurgery and conducted genetic research at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for Human Genetics in Utah and is a fourth-generation mentee of Harvey Cushing, the father of neurosurgery in the U.S.

“I am very humbled by the training I have received,” said Emadian. “I feel so blessed in that regard. Most importantly, I share my mentors’ philosophy of patient care. Patients come first. I consider it a great honor and privilege to serve my patients. It is my goal to provide them with the same level of care that I would provide to my own family.”

A board-certified neurosurgeon, Emadian recently joined Hamilton Physician Group – Neurosurgery and Spine. He joins Josh Hare and Justin Hare at the practice.

Emadian said he chose neurosurgery as a profession at age 14, after watching a television documentary about modern day medicine.

“I watched a neurosurgeon help to cure a patient of the devastating consequences of a brain tumor following a 13-hour operation,” Emadian said. “Now, over 30 years into practicing neurosurgery, I would do it all over again.”

Emadian attended graduate and medical school at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville and completed his residency training in neurosurgery at the University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals in Salt Lake City.

“I always dreamed of having the ability to make a difference in the community where I live,” Emadian said. “One of the dreams I’ve had is to put together a comprehensive neurosciences program where neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedic spine, rehabilitation and pain management work together. All of the pieces of the puzzle are here at Hamilton Health Care System.”

Outside of neurosurgery, Emadian has many hobbies and interests. Some of them are painting, photography, endurance running, endurance cycling, exotic cars, horticulture and landscaping, gardening, cooking, woodworking and projects around the house.

“Most of all, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family,” he said.

To schedule an appointment with Emadian, call Hamilton Physician Group – Neurosurgery and Spine at (706) 529-7124.

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