Former student must report to ICE after pleading guilty to carrying a weapon in a school zone

Miguel David Bautista

A former Morris Innovative High School student has been sentenced to 120 days in jail and must surrender to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation after that after pleading guilty to carrying a weapon in a school zone in Superior Court on Friday, the district attorney said.

Bert Poston said Miguel David Bautista received a 10-year sentence with 120 days to serve and the rest suspended on banishment from the Conasauga Judicial Circuit, which includes Whitfield and Murray counties.

Bautista, then 19, was arrested by an officer of the Dalton Police Department at the school in December 2016 after other students reported he had a knife.

According to an incident report, a student approached an officer at the school and told him another student whose name he did not know had a short-bladed knife on a school bus. The officer said when the student described the person with the knife he immediately thought of Bautista.

The officer spoke to an assistant principal at the school who told him she'd received a call from an administrator at Dalton High School who said two female students there had reported Bautista had a knife on the bus. They called Bautista to the office where he denied having a knife. The assistant principal asked him to empty his pockets. This did not produce a knife, and they sent Bautista back to class.

Shortly after that, according to the report, another student approached the officer and told him Bautista kept the knife in his belt buckle. Bautista was again called to the office. The assistant principal asked Bautista if he had a knife in his belt buckle and he said "Yes" and removed the knife from the buckle.

The report said the blade was two inches long.

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