Foster charged with misdemeanor probation violation

Steve Foster

A former candidate for Congress is in the Whitfield County jail after being charged with violating the terms of his probation for a 2018 DUI conviction.

Steve Foster, who was the 2018 Democratic candidate in Georgia's 14th Congressional District, was charged Tuesday by the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office with misdemeanor probation violation. He lost to Republican incumbent Tom Graves of Ranger.

Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris sentenced Foster, a Dalton businessman and former physician, to six months to serve in jail and six months on probation for an Aug. 7 conviction for DUI. Foster was released from jail on Nov. 6, Election Day.

"He has done everything he was supposed to do to comply with his probation except for take a DUI class," said Connie Hall-Scott, who served as the communications director for Foster's congressional campaign, on Thursday.

Foster's attorney, Richard Murray, said "from what I understand" the only issue is that Foster did not complete his DUI school.

"I think he believes he didn't have to do DUI school because his case is on appeal, but that is incorrect," Murray said.

An official with Georgia Probation Service, which Hall-Scott said is Foster's probation agent, declined to comment.

Hall-Scott said she believes Foster has 36 days left on his probation.

"That's ample time to take this class," she said.

Foster had been scheduled for an appearance in Superior Court on Friday but Hall-Scott said that has been moved to Tuesday.

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