Landfill and convenience center guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Waste disposal is essential to public health. The Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority is asking residents to help reduce the COVID-19 pandemic impact to trash haulers, employees and citizens. The following guidelines are encouraged to help reduce transmission and exposure to employees and the public.

Delay spring cleaning: Please reduce the number of visits and reduce the amount of bagged household waste. The authority's convenience centers have a 10-bag-per-household limit. Please postpone spring cleaning and manage your bagged household waste only.

Bag waste: When self-hauling household and spoilable waste, please make sure items are bagged. This will reduce the exposure of waste to employees and help prevent cross contamination to other patrons.

Recycling: Recyclable materials are still being accepted. However, should workforce shortages become an issue, recycling drop-off will be terminated. In addition, some recycling containers may be full during your visit and you will be asked to keep until a later date or discard with bagged trash.

Self-service: All landfill and recycling center employees will be practicing social distancing to protect themselves and residents. Please be prepared to self-unload your vehicle. Do not enter any facility buildings.

Hire a hauler: When possible, residents are encouraged to hold bulk items or utilize a curbside collection service.

Skip Saturday afternoon: Visit outside of peak hours and peak days. Saturday is our busy day so try and make your trips on a weekday. Hours and days of operations can be found on our website.

These recommendations are made to help minimize potential exposure to employees and residents. In addition, should workforce shortages occur, we will need to focus on waste with the greatest health risks. Your cooperation and concern for fellow residents and the employees of Whitfield County is appreciated during this time.

For more information on the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority, visit or call (706) 277-2545.

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