CHATSWORTH — Beth Grant said Tuesday she doesn’t think she would have a problem getting Murray County to restrict motorcycle and four-wheeler use in subdivisions if she lived in a $200,000 home instead of a mobile home.

Grant told sole commissioner Jim Welch during his meeting last month that dust from a neighbor’s dirt track in the Ridgeview subdivision on Highway 225 North is making her child’s asthma worse and is creating a nuisance. Welch told her he would see what the county could legally do about the track.

On Tuesday, Welch said he would not do anything about the track.

“I don’t think the answer is to create new laws to ban (motorcycle and four-wheeler) usage (on private property), and I know you aren’t going to like that answer,” Welch said. “Am I supposed to make laws for every situation that comes up? I can’t make laws every time someone doesn’t like” what their neighbor is doing.

Welch was right. Grant didn’t like that answer.

“If I lived in a $200,000 home I don’t think this would be a problem, but I live in a mobile home subdivision,” she said.

Welch said regulating four-wheelers and motorcycles within a subdivision would have to be done by the subdivision’s owner because it is not a county-wide problem. The county’s regulations on subdivisions deal with things such as lot sizes, not what activities are allowed.

Also at the meeting, Welch denied the rezoning of two tracts of property from suburban residential to rural residential. The land use planning commission had recommended the reclassifications.

A property owner on Johnson Road wanted one of the rezonings so her brother could put a mobile home on the property until he could build a home, according to the land use commission’s minutes. A property owner on Highway 52 Alternate wanted the other rezoning so his daughter could place a mobile home on the property.

Welch said neither of those reclassifications “would be in the best interest of the county.” He did not elaborate.

Welch approved the rezoning of a suburban residential property on Floodtown Road to rural residential. The land use commission had also recommended that rezoning.

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