NGEMC warns of persistent scam

Scam callers have been particularly persistent in their harassment of North Georgia Electric Membership Corp. (NGEMC) members over the last few days. They have demanded that members drive to Kroger and purchase a prepaid card to make their payment and have in some cases insisted the member stay on the line while they are waiting to purchase the cards, saying they will "process the disconnection immediately" if the member hangs up. Other members have reported receiving multiple threatening calls over a period of about 15 minutes.

NGEMC asks you to share this warning with others and to remember:

• No utility, including NGEMC, will ever require you to purchase a prepaid card or speak to you in a threatening manner.

• If you feel threatened or are being pressured to act quickly on an unsolicited call, always hang up immediately. You can call your utility back at one of their published phone numbers, but never use a number provided by a caller demanding payment. Find NGEMC's contact information at Legitimate utility employees will not be offended when you choose to disconnect the call, nor will they contact you several times in a row.

• If you have any doubt at all, never give personal information or money to an unsolicited caller.

NGEMC can help you check your account status when you call. Visit for more alerts and tips.

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