Robertson hopes to extend her time in 'the world theater creates'

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Megan Robertson, pictured performing in the Artistic Civic Theatre's "Christmas Cabaret" last year, is a theater lover who plans to continue pursuing the performing arts in college. 

This year's Artistic Civic Theatre Danny Dantzler Memorial Scholarship winner, Megan Robertson, is a theater lover who plans to continue pursuing the performing arts in college.

Robertson "is one of the most talented kids I've ever worked with," said Wes Phinney, the head of Dalton High School's drama department. He saw her "innate talent" as a middle school student, and "she's only grown in her ability" during her four years of high school.

Robertson will head to the University of San Francisco this fall to study performing arts, social justice and journalism. She's also interested in spending time studying abroad, ideally Paris.

"She's a special young lady, and I'm pleased she's going to continue working in the performing arts," Phinney said. "She has a great chance to make a living in a very difficult field, and you can't say that about a lot of kids."

"Always super eager to learn," Robertson threw herself headlong into theater when she began auditioning for shows a handful of years ago, said the graduating high school senior. "If there's something I'm not good at, I want to remedy that."

For example, she took voice lessons because she believed she "wasn't at the level of my peers," she said. She viewed dance as another hole in her resume, so she took dance lessons at the Creative Arts Guild this year.

Robertson "is always willing to listen and work on any weaknesses," Phinney said. "I write recommendations for a lot of kids, but it was very, very easy to write one for Megan."

The Danny Dantzler Memorial Scholarship of $500 was established "in loving memory of beloved ACT actor, volunteer and board member Danny Dantzler," according to ACT. "This scholarship award is presented each year to deserving high school graduates who have dedicated and shared their talents, time and commitment to ACT and ACT's Children's Theatre Wing, ACT2."

Robertson appreciates "many things about theater, but what I love most is how you can come in as an audience member thinking about a million things and stressed about life, but then you're totally transported into the world theater creates," she said. "I've had that happen to me so many times."

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