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Shaw Industries Group Inc. has announced it has enrolled to pursue the new WELL Equity Rating developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

The WELL Equity Rating is designed to help organizations act on their diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and accessibility goals and improve company culture and employee health. The rating will validate Shaw’s actions to advance health and well-being; celebrate DEI and accessibility; and promote sensitivity.

“Organizations worldwide are embracing the powerful role place can play in leveling the playing field and ensuring everyone feels welcome, seen and heard,” said Rachel Hodgdon, president and CEO of IWBI.

The WELL Equity Rating includes more than 40 strategies spanning six action areas:

• User experience and feedback.

• Responsible hiring and labor practices.

• Health benefits and services.

• Inclusive design.

• Supportive programs and spaces.

• Community engagement.

“At Shaw, we strive to create a better future and a better world. A world in which we collectively value and invest in the health, well-being and success of all people and our planet. A future that’s safe and safeguarded for generations to come,” said Kellie Ballew, vice president of global sustainability and innovation at Shaw. “The WELL Equity Rating aligns with that commitment and stands to provide external validation of our efforts.”

By using the WELL Equity Rating, an evidence-based road map, Shaw is adopting an action-oriented approach to advance equitable, people-first places and better address the needs of marginalized and underserved populations.

The rating offers a tangible path forward to help Shaw follow through on its DEI commitments and transform how workplaces are designed, managed and operated to create environments where everyone can thrive and show up as their authentic self.

Shaw will undergo third-party verification to validate its policies and actions before achieving the rating.

“Shaw is committed to maintaining a culture of continuous improvement — one that helps each associate achieve their full potential and creates a meaningful work experience,” shared Torrance Ford, vice president of talent management at Shaw. “By working diligently to hire and retain diverse talent, we bring fresh perspectives, unique points of view and varied experience into the organization that spark growth and innovation. Pursuit of this rating is one of the many ways we’re constantly striving to achieve more.”

Studies show employees in diverse and inclusive workplaces are more likely to enjoy their jobs, innovate more and ultimately stay with their employers longer. Diverse organizations have also been found to be 1.32 times more productive and 21% more profitable than their peers.

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