Some voters were confused about polling places in Tuesday's election

Whitfield County Registrar Mary Hammontree says she isn't quite sure what happened Tuesday.

But for some reason a number of Dalton voters showed up at county polling places in Pleasant Grove and Grove Level expecting to vote there when they should have gone to the John Davis Recreation Center.

"There hasn’t been a change in procedure in municipal elections in 30-plus years," she said. "Those precincts are never open during muni elections. Their voter cards they receive in the mail when they register to vote has both their municipal precinct and their county precinct along with the address of both polling locations. We have never had a problem like this until this election. I am assuming that it's new voters that are assigned to those precincts and they didn’t look close enough at their precinct card."

On Friday, a reporter spoke to two voters who had contacted the Daily Citizen-News after they mistakenly went to Grove Level and Pleasant Grove expecting to vote.

A reporter asked what polling places were listed on their voter cards. Both said the recreation center was listed as their polling place for city elections. Both also said they had not noticed that before they went to vote.

Hammontree says she isn't sure how many city voters went to their county polling place because a number of county voters also showed up to vote thinking Tuesday was a county election. It wasn't.

Results provided by the elections office show both the Grove Level and Pleasant Grove precincts had lower turnout than the overall turnout. On Tuesday, 19.72% of registered voters voted overall, while 17.69% of registered voters on the Pleasant Grove precinct voted. Just 8.91% of registered voters in the Grove Level precinct voted. That was still higher three of the city's nine other precincts.

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