Two Dalton men charged for stealing truck at gunpoint

Two Dalton men have been charged with armed robbery with a gun, aggravated assault, battery and felony theft of an automobile after a man said he was "jumped" at a skate park earlier this month, according to a Dalton Police Department incident report.

They are:

• Cesar Resendiz Jr., 19, of 1127 James St., who was arrested Feb. 8 by the Dalton Police Department.

• Luis Silva, 19, of 604 Olivia Drive, who was arrested Feb. 2 by the Dalton Police Department.

Both men are out of jail.

According to the incident report, a man said he was "jumped" on Feb. 1 at the skate park located off of Avenue C, and his vehicle, a black Chrysler Pacifica, was stolen. He said after one man "called him over," another man "cocked a handgun and stuck it in his back and told him to give them everything in his pockets."

The incident report listed as evidence a Glock 9 mm with magazine and three 9 mm bullets. Police declined to say which man had the handgun because "the case is ongoing at this time." Also listed as evidence were THC cartridges, marijuana, scales, a pipe and baggies.

The man attempted to "fight back," he said, but was "taken to the ground" and beaten.

The man said a man from the skate park "came running over and the male with the gun then pointed it at him and told him to stay back," according to the report. The accused then left in the Chrysler Pacifica. The man said he did not know them.

According to the incident report, the officer at the scene said a person had video of the altercation, which began when the man was on the ground and showed "one male get out of the black Chrysler with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. He then pointed at a male who had ran up and then pointed it at another male who was ducking down behind a vehicle. The males then scattered into ... three different vehicles and left the scene."

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