Whitfield Healthcare Foundation launches fundraising initiative, PEEPLES + PAXMAN + YOU

Photo by Brandon Cawood

Nurse Navigator Maggie Gomez assists Peeples Cancer Institute patient Kelly Kinsey with the Paxman Scalp Cooling cap as she prepares for chemotherapy.

The Whitfield Healthcare Foundation, Hamilton Health Care System’s not-for-profit fundraising entity, is launching a fundraising initiative to support innovative patient care services at Peeples Cancer Institute.

The Foundation’s Business Relations committee is spearheading PEEPLES + PAXMAN + YOU to support the Paxman Scalp Cooling System, an innovative patient support service which greatly reduces or prevents hair loss for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Since the hair loss prevention services are not covered by most insurances, the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation is asking for the community’s help to support these life changing services for patients with cancer.

To kickstart their fundraising efforts, the Foundation’s Business Relations committee is inviting all area businesses to join the Hamilton Business Alliance, a business partnership program which supports capital projects, community health initiatives, technological advancements and innovative programs and services at Hamilton. Created to address the region’s changing healthcare needs, the Hamilton Business Alliance offers a range of membership options and giving levels to encourage broad participation and support for healthcare excellence.

Businesses who pledge support for the Hamilton Business Alliance will receive a Hamilton Business Alliance window cling to place on a door or window as well as a PEEPLES + PAXMAN + YOU window cling and poster to display at their business, signifying their commitment to innovative patient care at Peeples Cancer Institute.

“Our goal is to support these amazing services at Peeples Cancer Institute as we partner together to bring healthcare advancements to Northwest Georgia," said Kelly Jones, co-chair of the Foundation’s Business Relations Committee and vice president for Human Resources at Dalton Utilities. "From small businesses to foundations to large corporations, the Hamilton Business Alliance prioritizes the health and wellbeing of employees and their families. By having businesses collaborate with the Foundation on Hamilton projects, we are able to greatly impact the quality of healthcare and services."

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System responds particularly well with patients receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. Larry Winter, co-chair of the Foundation’s Business Relations committee, states that he is inspired to lead this fundraising initiative because it supports women’s cancer services.

“Our business has 27 employees, 18 of whom are women," Winter said. "At Nichols, Cauley & Associates, we are advocating and pledging funds for this advancement in cancer services to affirm our commitment to next level care.”

Dr. Eric Turner, medical director for Peeples Cancer Institute, relates the challenges many patients face while undergoing chemotherapy: “Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is one of the most traumatic side effects associated with cancer treatment. Hair loss can be a visualization of a patient’s internal anxiety and strife. The hope with the Paxman System and cooling cap is that by diminishing or preventing hair loss, we can allow patients to look and feel more like themselves. Many times, knowing that our staff is committed to their emotional and physical wellbeing throughout the continuum of care offers patients the encouragement and motivation they need to fight through to the end of their therapy.”

Jane Snipes, Foundation executive director states: “Our Foundation members are steadfast in their support of groundbreaking developments and innovative services for patients and their families. Kelly Jones and Larry Winter are two highly respected members of our Foundation who are passionately committed to this project. We hope that individuals and families will join our business community in this call to action to advance cancer care and services. PEEPLES + PAXMAN + YOU is something positive we all can get behind, especially as we continue to navigate the challenges of 2020.”

To give to PEEPLES + PAXMAN + YOU or to join the Hamilton Business Alliance, visit HamiltonHealth.com/foundation or call the Foundation at (706) 272-6128.

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