ATLANTA — Shots fired into a downtown parking garage Tuesday afternoon caused a stir outside the Fulton County Courthouse, where a judge and two others died in a shooting spree 14 months ago.

A man fired several shots into the seven-story parking deck across the street from the courthouse, police said.

He was subdued immediately by county sheriff’s deputy Kenneth Mathis and turned over to Atlanta police. Officers searched the parking deck and found no one wounded, although at least one car had a window shot out.

“It was a good law enforcement response,” Fulton Sheriff’s Office Maj. Skip Platt said of Mathis.

It began shortly before 4 p.m. when the man fired several shots into the parking deck.

Mathis was on his way to work on the night shift in the agency’s warrants division when he heard gunfire and saw the suspect in a crouched stance, Platt said. Mathis told the man to get on the ground, but the suspect refused and seemed to reach for a weapon, Platt said.

But the second time he was ordered to the ground, he complied. Platt said Mathis found a handgun in the waistband of the man’s pants.

The suspect, Kevin Trowers, 29, of Atlanta was charged with criminal damage to property, theft by receiving stolen property (the gun), and reckless conduct.

Officials did not immediately have a motive.

Platt said the only apparent connection between Tuesday’s shooting and last year’s deadly courthouse shooting was proximity. But he said the incident “certainly raised our adrenaline level.”

Brian Nichols was on trial for rape March 11, 2005, when he allegedly overpowered a deputy and stole her gun. Authorities say he then went on a shooting spree, killing Judge Rowland Barnes and court reporter Julie Ann Brandau in the courthouse and sheriff’s Sgt. Hoyt Teasley outside the courthouse. A fourth victim, federal agent David Wilhelm, was killed at his home later in the day. He surrendered to authorities the next day after allegedly taking a woman hostage.

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