DOUGLASVILLE — Lisa Clark, the 37-year-old woman accused of molesting her 15-year-old husband, pleaded guilty Wednesday to helping her husband escape from state custody.

She was sentenced to two years in jail and three years on probation after pleading guilty in Douglas County Superior Court to two counts of hindering the apprehension of a child.

The judge gave her credit for the time she has been in custody in the Douglas County jail since February.

Clark had denied having anything to do with the boy’s escape in February after she had given birth to their child, who’s now in custody of a friend of Clark’s. The boy bolted from a detention center and was found in Cleveland.

Assistant District Attorney Jeff Ballew said Clark arranged with a friend to hide the boy in Ohio and then sent him a cell phone police found in his possession.

In March, Clark pleaded guilty to charges of statutory rape and was sentenced to nine months in jail. She was also forbidden to have any contact with her teenage husband until at least his 17th birthday.

The boy’s grandmother, Judy Hayles, has said that he will seek a divorce. But Clark’s attorney has said the boy wants to continue the marriage and raise their child.

Clark was arrested in November. A few days earlier, she married the boy, a friend of one of her sons, under a 1962 law that set the marrying age in Georgia at 16 but made an exception in the case of pregnancy.

Last month, Gov. Perdue signed a bill that bans teens under 16 from tying the knot. The new law allows 16- or 17-year-olds to wed with the approval of a parent or guardian and a probate judge.

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