D.A. King: Illegal aliens are not 'immigrants'

D.A. King

(Editor's note: This is a response to Jaime Rangel's column in the May 5 edition of the Daily Citizen-News.)

In today's America, it is easier to understand the debate on the raging illegal immigration crisis if people consider that there are essentially two general attitudes on the issue: Pro-enforcement and anti-enforcement. And realize that illegal immigration is mostly caused by rampant illegal employment.

This weary writer has been fighting the pro-enforcement battle in the Georgia Capitol since 2003. With a hope of educating readers, I take note here of the anti-enforcement guest column in this space last Sunday from Dalton's Jaime Rangel.

I also respectfully note that no matter who created the headline on Rangel's column, ("Session is over, but the fight for Georgia immigrants is not") it serves as an inaccurate, thoughtless smear and base insult to the millions of real immigrants -- like my adopted sister -- who joined the American family according to our very liberal American immigration laws.

The battle over immigration enforcement in America is not about "immigrants," it is a question of whether or not we are going to end illegal immigration and tell the world that illegal aliens are not going to be treated the same as legal residents. And that we are not going to ever repeat the "one-time" immigration amnesty of 1986.

For folks who have a difficult time discerning the difference between illegal aliens and immigrants, it helps to remember that because they are here lawfully, immigrants do not require amnesty. And that immigrants are already on a path to citizenship.

It should shock readers to know that according to the left-leaning Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders. And more than Arizona.

Jaime Rangel is, by law, an illegal alien. This is an accurate legal term used in state law, federal law, by the U.S. Supreme Court (including by Justice Sonia Sotomayor), the IRS, multiple presidential executive orders and law enforcement professionals.

While we may have a certain amount of sympathy for anyone who was brought over our borders illegally by his parents as a child, dressing up illegal status with the attempt to hide behind the term "dreamer" created by the corporate-funded and far-left illegal alien lobby does not change reality.

Rangel is a paid lobbyist who works under the Gold Dome against any legislation designed to make life more difficult for illegal aliens and illegal employers. Put another way, in 21st century, Republican-ruled Georgia we have illegal aliens lobbying for illegal aliens and against enforcement -- or too much information on the cost of illegal immigration being shared with Georgia taxpayers.

Example? The illegal alien lobby worked furiously against House Bill 202 in the last legislative session. The bill that would have simply required the Department of Corrections to publish a public, quarterly report showing the immigration status and number of non-citizens in the Georgia prison system. It died for the year in the Republican House Rules Committee.

Rangel also proudly boasted here of his input on legislative issues for next year at a strategy session held by the anti-enforcement Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

First, he wants special treatment for illegal aliens who have a deferral on deportation through Obama's DACA program so they would receive the much lower instate tuition at Georgia's public universities. This, while real immigrant families living in Chattanooga would pay a higher tuition rate in our schools.

Second, Rangel wants readers to believe that legislation pending to simply end the current policy of issuing the DACA illegals aliens the exact same drivers licenses and official ID cards as are given to real immigrants and guest workers will somehow stop the illegals like Rangel from "from safely traveling to and from their jobs." The legislation does no such thing. It only creates a new and unique cards separate from what is issued to legal residents.

I close with an experienced warning to anyone judged to be too successful in advocating for honoring real immigrants by enforcing our immigration laws: You will be labeled as "anti-immigrant" and a "hater" by the integrity-free, anti-enforcement lobby.

D.A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society. He is not a member of any political party. He has assisted state legislators with legislation since 2006.

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