D.A. King: In-state tuition benefits for illegals merely an incremental step

D.A. King

There is a hard and very well-financed push on in today’s Georgia for “equity” for illegal aliens that pro-enforcement Georgians should not ignore. Gone are the days when trusting voters could sit back and blindly trust Republican state legislators who ran as conservatives to uphold commonsense values and to do everything possible to discourage illegal immigration. More than ever before, it’s all about the money.

It cannot be said enough: According to the left-leaning Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, Georgia is now home to more illegal aliens than green card holders. Green cards are only awarded to real immigrants — that is, permanent residents who obeyed American immigration laws.

With his shameless abandonment of clear and detailed illegal immigration campaign promises, it is Gov. Brian Kemp (a Republican) who is setting the example for many dollar-first lawmakers and profiteers. Sadly, most Republicans cower at the thought of speaking up. That is not true of the illegals themselves.

Recently in this space, an illegal alien currently under cover of former President Obama’s “temporary” Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty and working for Facebook’s cheap labor lobbying arm, the billionaire-funded, FWD.us, again called for this equality for “dreamers.” The vast open borders lobby concocted that label two decades ago after the DREAM Act amnesty “for the children” was introduced the first time in Congress. The term was originally intended to invoke universal sympathy for the illegal aliens who claim victim status for their parent’s violation of our borders and immigration laws.

Readers should note the fact that the parents are still living, working and driving illegally in the U.S. is never part of the presentation.

Today, “dreamers” has been intentionally expanded to encompass virtually any young “victim of borders” who is stamping their feet in a demand for special treatment and amnesty. It is usually mixed in with claims of “injustice” for all “immigrants” in hopes that Americans will not stop to consider that an easy way to discern the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens is that immigrants do not require a repeat of the “one time” Republican amnesty of 1986 that served to expand and embolden illegal immigration.

Neither do real immigrants need a special legislation to access in-state tuition in Georgia University System of Georgia colleges.

In today’s Georgia, illegal aliens are lobbying our lawmakers

Consider the opening line from FWD.us lobbyist Jaime Rangle’s sales pitch column here for passage of the Georgia Resident In-State Tuition Act (HB997) education amnesty recently introduced under the Gold Dome by Dalton’s State Rep. Kasey Carpenter (a Republican): “Despite the efforts of leaders across our nation to reform immigration policies that unfairly limit opportunities for immigrants in our quest to achieve the American Dream, much more needs to be done. We must fix the broken system so immigrants like myself can continue contributing to Georgia’s prosperous economy and communities.”

Georgians must stop to realize that this plea will never end and is merely part of the well-designed incremental plan to achieve complete parity for all illegal aliens who arrived here decades ago, last year, last week — and next year.

If a larger economy is the true desire of the grassroots GOP base, the next step to officially open borders and an influx of much of the third-world is an easy one to take.

It is not evident that most Republicans, elected or not, stop to realize that the goal in this “equity” push in in-state tuition applies to illegal aliens living illegally in Georgia, DACA or not. But it does not apply to Americans, including real immigrants, living in Michigan (for example). It is also not clear that lawmakers are cognizant of the fact that while DACA recipients have been rewarded with work permits, non-DACA illegals that would benefit from the discounted tuition rate have no legal ability to work anyway.

Why is Rep. Carpenter pushing for the taxpayer-funded post-secondary education for them? Does he expect the feds to approve yet another amnesty?

If it is real “equity” we want, shouldn’t everyone in Georgia’s public universities only pay in-state tuition?

Pro-borders Americans of all descriptions should be more — not less — active than the illegal alien lobby. Right now there are three bills in Atlanta to give special treatment and taxpayer-funded tuition breaks to people with no legal right to be in Georgia; two of them were introduced by Republicans.

Would you vote for any Republican who had made a campaign promise to do this?

D.A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society. He is not a member of any political party.

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