Richmond proves the left hates you and your guns

Michael Shannon

Virginia's Second Amendment rally was a huge disappointment for Big Nanny Mike Bloomberg, Gov. Ralph Northam and gun-grabbing busybodies across the nation. The event failed to produce the Reichstag fire the left was secretly hoping would occur.

More than 22,000 armed Second Amendment supporters gathered in the state capital with loaded firearms and there wasn't even a single accidental discharge.

Talk about your misfire!

And the "armed militia groups planning to storm the Capitol" that forced Northam to declare a state of emergency? The feds arrested six losers before they could stock up on jerky and one of those was a Canadian.

Had there been violence, it would have provided the perfect pretext for the left to accelerate the Second Amendment rollback in Virginia. Simply owning a gun would be all the 'red flag' authorities would need.

Although entirely peaceful, the event was a failure. The very next day leftist legislators passed three Second Amendment violations the rally crowd specifically opposed.

What the rally did accomplish was revealing how the left, it's stenographers in the opposition media, its elected officials and its stooges in law enforcement view normal Americans who value a Constitutional right leftists don't like.

That view alternates between utter contempt and hyperventilating fear.

The left initially tried to discourage turnout by characterizing the gathering as a Klan rally without the carbon footprint. Those who were willing to risk being photographed near the only confirmed racist in town -- Gov. Northam famous for his blackface/Klan robes photos -- received additional discouragement when warned they might be caught up in violence from armed militia groups were going to "storm the capitol."

Law enforcement stooges angling for an appointment piled on, too. Attendees who wanted to convene on the capitol grounds were going to be penned up like illegals behind an Obama fence. Participants were told to come early because there would only be one entrance to the concentration pen and there would be a single bathroom inside for thousands. (The accepted rule of thumb for abortion 'rights' rallies and illegals' amnesty gatherings is one bathroom per 100.)

Fortunately, Second Amendment supporters aren't a stupid as Gov. Northam. Rather than be herded into Northam's Gitmo for guns, thousands more armed supporters stood outside the fences where current law allows the open carry of weapons. (Look for this to change in the near future.)

Storming militias, white supremacist groups, assorted bigots, law breakers, armed bullies and trigger-happy vigilantes all failed to put in an appearance. That didn't stop the left from using its favorite adjectives anyway.

Northern Virginia Rep. Don Beyer tweeted "rights on Monday -- on Martin Luther King Day, of all days -- by an intimidating bullying, armed mob. Do not dare call this 'peaceful.'"

Bunch was evidently too lazy to discover the Virginia Civil Defense League, which organized the rally, has been holding their event on that day for over a decade. Why? Because Second Amendment supporters have jobs and need a day off to travel to Richmond to contact their legislators.

And Bunch is too fearful of an inanimate object and too drunk on his faux outrage to grasp that my exercise of a constitutional right does not threaten him.

His fear is our problem.

There's no compromise with anti-gun extremists. They have an agenda and a longterm plan. Each "compromise" is another step toward neutering the Second Amendment.

The language Northam, Beyer, Dvorak, Bloomberg and Bunch use is not how one refers to someone whose views they respect. Their language is not how one refers to someone whose constitutional rights they respect.

Their language is how the authorities refer to people they intend to disarm and force into an outdoor enclosure with one bathroom per 6,000.

Michael Shannon is a commentator, author and public relations consultant. He can be reached at

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