Today's Forum for Aug. 29

"To the person that said having pets in your lap while driving is called the 'mind your business law,' don't be foolish. It's distracted driving, and it puts other people in danger. Get over yourself."

"It looks as though the Daily Citizen-News may have to make a special arrest report column just for our local police officials."

"Democrats, don't mess it up for the American people. Trump never said he was Jesus. He's not even close, but he is our great president. You need to get behind him instead of putting him down. You'll find out that he's probably the best president we've ever had. Give him a try."

"Cal Thomas: Bringing you a warmed over, less interesting version of last week's controversy today!"

"Congratulations to the Eastbrook Lady Mustangs softball team for a great game Tuesday. You have come a long way. Stay committed and believe in yourself. Keep up the good work."

"Should little children shot in a school shooting feel proud they were shot with a gun legally purchased in another state?"

"A Forum caller referred to President Trump as a bully. Actually, it is refreshing to have a Republican president who punches back at the Democrats' lies, hate and aggression."

"David Bean writing letters to the editor is not a waste of time. I take it all in as a litmus test proving that I am not the dullest knife in the drawer. They are also the funniest to read other than articles on our small town law enforcement departments and elected officials."

"Antifa is just the logical application of stand your ground laws to the public policy sphere."

"Intelligent people read both sides and the middle of a topic. By definition, ignorance is a lack of knowledge, and stupidity is the inability to understand knowledge."

"The classes at AdventHealth Murray listed on page 7A Wednesday sound great!"

"Make Greenland great again!"

"Republicans have quietly decided that the only impeachable offense is being a Democrat. Everything else is fine as long as it lowers taxes or hurts people of color."

"These phone scammers are getting smart. Now calls are coming in showing my name and phone number on caller ID. Now how can I block that?"

"Has anybody gone to a fast-food place and seen the same person for at least a year or two, or even more than a day?"

"When you said 'as a teacher,' you lost me right there."

"In response to the comment in Saturday's Forum, I wonder which lying, cheating, womanizing, dishonest heathen the teacher is referring to. Washington seems to be full of them."

"Editor, what about putting in good, positive comments about our president? Seems like all you do is print the Democrats' opinions. You must be a Democrat. Shame on you, man."

Editor's note: You're wrong about my political ideology.

"From all of the problems I'm hearing about the SPLOST in the Forum, the answer is simple. Just vote no again."

"Yes, we need a SPLOST. I get that your favorite book is 'Atlas Shrugged.' Go read it again and quit bothering us."

"I used to like watching 'America's Funniest Home Videos' before they started showing children getting hurt and abused and thinking it's funny. I don't think it's funny."

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