Today's Forum for Aug. 14

"Dr. Billy T. Nimmons, pastor emeritus at First Baptist Church, was an outstanding community leader and ministered to his church family mightily."

"The tour of homes this past weekend was amazing!"

"There has been much talk of late about who is racist and who is not. Read 1 John, chapter 4, verse 20. Look in the mirror at yourself and answer that question honestly."

"Parking in downtown Dalton is impossible on Tuesday mornings. What's up with that? You can't conduct business downtown if you can't park downtown."

"Why are there so few crosswalks on Thornton Avenue?"

"Again, with the freeport exemption in Whitfield County at 100%, county municipalities will continue to lean on the rest of us to fund the government. It doesn't just affect county M&O either."

"So why are evangelicals surprised Trump uses profanity in public and God’s name in vain? Don’t they believe God anointed him to be president? He can talk about himself if he wants to."

''Trump gave a tax break so now we bring home more each week, right? Wrong. I'm only working 36 hours a week. I will make less this year than I have made in 20 years. Thanks for nothing, Mr. President."

"I read Cal Thomas' latest submission with some interest. What is the going rate for baseless accusation and conspiracy mongering? Do you pay by the word? Because I could certainly be convinced to churn out vapid nonsense if the price was right."

"Why does the Citizen always want to talk about how much the taxes are going to be, but never the value of what they are paying for?"

"People who think the Second Amendment is there to defend against tyranny always struggle to point out where in the Constitution it says you can shoot a cop if he writes you a ticket you don't like."

"The lawful and rational firearm owners in the U.S. have around 300 million or so guns in their possession and probably a trillion rounds of ammunition. Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you would certainly know about it."

"I was glad to see an article on Tennessee football in the Tuesday paper."

"We heard Donald Trump on the 'Access Hollywood' tape, we heard his comments about going into the dressing room of the Miss Teen USA contestants and now his friendship with a convicted sex offender and an accused sex trafficker. I've heard all I need to on making a judgment on Trump, and I'll leave it at that."

"It's sad that after our most recent mass shooting spree that Rep. Tom Graves has not been a leader or a voice for north Georgia. We expect action from our congressman, not complete silence. I am very disappointed in Mr. Graves."

"I think the Braves' general manager has done a great job. He's not the one that's not hitting the ball or giving up home runs. He's done the best job that he can do. Get off his back."

"Interested to see how the SPLOST committee fares. How much 'direction' will they receive from the people who appointed them? Will they truly be an independent body or merely an extension of our elected bodies? Good luck to everyone who volunteered to serve."

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