Today's Forum for Aug. 23

"Russians, racist, recession, reelection. What are the next talking points shared amongst the Democrats and the media? Pay attention!"

"According to Fox News, 'California's governor signs strict new police use of force law.' I suggest all these lawmakers be made to spend six months as an active policeman before they can make laws restricting them. If you haven't noticed, the wild, wild West is back."

"All you Democrats will be squalling once Trump is elected to serve our country for another four years. He will once again be the chosen one."

"Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime. I don't understand why the rest of the country can't see this. It's plain as day. All of the people doubting Trump or constantly criticizing him are not helping move this country forward. They are holding us back. It's quite sad."

"President Donald J. Trump stands up to nations who try to bully us while other presidents cower in fear. We've needed that strong voice for so long. God bless America and God bless our president."

"Trump declared himself 'the chosen one.' This goes beyond scary. Is he starting to hear voices?"

"Is it possible Trump doesn't understand that American Jews are Americans and not Israelis?"

"Americans who vote for Donald Trump show either a lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. Seriously people, will you vote for the 'very stable genius' who insults our allies, panders to our traditional enemies and contradicts himself every time he opens his mouth?"

"It's hilarious to see the toddler-in-chief pitch a tantrum over being told no by a woman who isn't the least bit concerned about his petulant, bullying tactics. How many months is he going to whine about Greenland?"

"Ending the birthright citizenship would be the best thing to happen to this country. No other countries immediately make newborn babies citizens and start giving them free money because their parents are non-citizens. Any form of entitlement benefits should never be sent outside the U.S.A. Social Security benefits should not be given to any person that’s never worked and been forced to pay into it and that money should never be sent to any other country."

Editor's note: According to The Washington Post, "At least 30 countries subscribe to the principle of jus soli, wherein a person’s citizenship is based on the territory of his or her birth. Simply put, birthright citizenship. Jus soli is law in Canada, the United States and nearly every country in South and Central America."

"Just as some of us warned, the day would come when the Dalton school board would have to own up to the operations and maintenance costs of the new 6/7 school. Some of us wanted to know that cost up front but never got an answer. Now we learn the millage rate due to higher property assessments will not be rolled back because they need to squirrel away money to pay those costs. But make no mistake. The millage rate will keep increasing while we're held hostage to support an ESPLOST."

"Get your popcorn ready. The Dalton mayor's race is going to be 'must see TV.'"

"The application form asks for a brief description of the project, its estimated cost, the projected funding from the SPLOST and any anticipated funding from other sources. This pretty much excludes the average citizen from making a suggestion."

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