Today's Forum for Aug. 4

"I think big 18-wheelers should be fined if they don't move over while cars are trying to merge onto the interstate. Just my opinion."

"Unfortunately, the word racism has become a shield for the Democrats when they have no answers to an argument with anyone."

"What happened to that poor state representative who feared for her life while being called out for being lazy and inconsiderate at the grocery store? Her story was a lie and didn’t fit the media’s agenda, so she crawled away."

"Walter Williams conveniently forgets Dr. King was labeled a leftist and fake pictures were circulated to prove it. Without Democrats like LBJ, things would be different. Republicans have whittled away at minority rights ever since."

"A caller to the Forum said, 'No one is calling you a racist unless you do or say something racist or support those who do.' I'm calling out the caller. When Barack Obama was president and pushing the Affordable Care Act and an individual and I were discussing the act, we had different views. This individual said, 'You just don't like Obama because he is black.' I had not criticized President Obama or mentioned his race, only the policy."

"I remember growing up as a child we were taught that anyone cane be president. Now only the rich can be president."

"How did Obama's net worth get to be millions of dollars just be being the president? There's something shady going on with that man."

"Government money to fix the post office? There is no government money that is not first taken away from a taxpayer. The IRS will take your voluntary contribution as quick as it will your involuntary taxation."

"I'm calling about the man who wrote in about the man who runs the Braves should be fired. He's the best general manager we've ever had. You always hire the best person, and he was the best person because he worked with the Dodgers."

"I was just wondering if anybody else in the Forum got as disgusted as I did when the mayor of New York was standing up there running for president and he won't support his own police officer getting water thrown on them and he's told them not to respond. He does not have their back, and he wants to be president. He made me want to cry and I was wondering if anybody else felt that way."

"If you think the Democrats really support Trump's tariffs, you are mistaken. They are only hoping that he will continue to do it and it will crash the economy so they won't have to justify running against a good economy. It's a false narrative by the Democrats."

"I wondered if anybody in Dalton knew how to get stray cats picked up at your house. Someone has left some off in my neighborhood. Nobody will come and catch them, and we're old. The pound said they would take them if we catch them but I haven't been successful in doing that."

"I remember playing football in the '60s at a school here in Dalton. Years later I went to a Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet as a young man and one of the football coaches I had, he told me I was a credit to my own race. I didn't know what in the world this man was talking about. I belong to the human race. Walter Williams broke it down in Friday's paper. I belong to the human race. We were all created in the image of God."

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